9-21-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance – It Looks To Have Been A Great March. BUT Are You Going To VOTE!

As I feared I missed today’s Climate March but from friend’s reports it was a great success and a good coming together. BUT, if the people who marched do not vote and do not get their friends to vote, at least in the USA it will all be for nought. Our fellow citizens, the corporate ones, have bought Congress, especially the Republican side of the aisle (sorry but it is true), lock, stock and barrel. If they take the Senate, the little that has been done disappears. Period, end of sentence.

Do we have the endurance to get out there and rouse the vote, to pull, push, whine, nag, needle, show the difference, and push and push and push to get our apathetic friends, relatives and colleagues to VOTE?

Do we have the endurance to keep it looking like this…


or will we let it end up like this…


Other views of endurance











5 responses to “9-21-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance – It Looks To Have Been A Great March. BUT Are You Going To VOTE!

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  2. Interesting take on the theme and well said (altho I must add a personal comment that they are ALL snakes, not just the Republicans.) Here’s hoping there is follow through. Having been to China this year I’m afraid whatever we do may be just a drop in the bucket though 😦

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