11-14-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Achievement –

When I think about achievements I try to avoid sports. Ripken and The Iron Horse, Hank and The Babe, Roger Bannister, Martina and Chris, Serena, Russell and Chamberlain, Magic and Bird, Michael, etc. all did remarkable things but others have achieved so much more.

Salk, Sabin, Newton, Einstein, Ptomely, Pythagoras, and so many more whose names I don’t know.

However, for me, the most remarkable achievement in my lifetime is one we, the USA, threw away, as we became the nasty, cramped, and fearful country we are today. We came, we saw, we ran home and hid.

I don’t get it and never will.

RSJohnson_1407140492 Other views of achievement:











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