12-25-14 That’s The Way I Like It (Merry Christmas)

12-24: Wake up at 8am. Go to bed on 12/25 at 4:15am. I haven’t done that in at least a year. Great time though.

Started with the cookie decorating. Abigail and her three friends, Eva, Caroline and Edy have been doing this on 12/24 for at least 10 years now.

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The young women finished up about 4:30 and then it was time to finish setting up for the party.  Guests started arriving around 7:30. We ate around 9:30: smoked goose, short ribs, cauliflower, mashed, turnips and greens, huge fresh salad, some fish dish (I don’t eat fish so I don’t focus on that) and a whole lot of other stuff, Dessert was the cookies, of course, baklava sent from Boston by my mom (always a large hit) pies, cakes and so on. The last guest left about 1am and I sent everyone to bed at 3 so I could finish the clean up. Went out at 4 (we were out of coffee! – can’t have christmas morning without joe!)

I’m sorry we couldn’t invite you all. Maybe next year?


3 responses to “12-25-14 That’s The Way I Like It (Merry Christmas)

  1. It all sounds so nice, and the pictures look warm.

    Amazing to be able to go out and get coffee that time of night/morning. Would have been out of luck here… or, maybe not, now that I stop and think of it! There IS one convenience store that is 24/7.

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