15-01-24 Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself Take 2

“What a gulf between impression and expression! That’s our ironic fate—to have Shakespearean feelings and (unless by some billion-to-one chance we happen to be Shakespeare) to talk about them like automobile salesmen or teen-agers or college professors. We practice alchemy in reverse—touch gold and it turns into lead; touch the pure lyrics of experience, and they turn into the verbal equivalents of tripe and hogwash.”

Aldous Huxley

The weekly challenge is Express Yourself.

Since I believe that is what I do with this blog everyday, I am choosing to highlight others I have met in my travels over the years who expressed themselves.

My first attempt is here.

If you visited Provincetown anytime in the summers between about 2000 and 2011 you may have met Ella. Damn but she could sing.

RSJohnson_100715_0178Here be other expressions:











6 responses to “15-01-24 Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself Take 2

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  2. She is living her dream. You gotta give her that at any age. I am not so bravo to her! Perfect for this challenge!

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