15-01-27 Scenes From A Small Storm

RSJohnson_Hudson_1501279152Well, the Clipper stayed east of us and NYC ended up with between 6″ and 12″ depending on your borough. It will probably be an extraordinarily expensive non major event given how many people didn’t go to work today and the cost to small business of shutting down the subway.

Long Island, Massachusetts and Maine got hit hard. It wasn’t the size of the storm but the location that was missed. I hope my Governor and Mayor will realize that weather forecasts are notoriously unreliable and you don’t cancel the world on a rumor. You prepare but you don’t act until you have some surety.

However, it was a “snow day” today. Here are a few images from this morning


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5 responses to “15-01-27 Scenes From A Small Storm

  1. When you first posted this, I enjoyed it enough — especially the next-to-last photo — that I shared it on Facebook. This morning I saw this: http://www.condenaststore.com/-sp/The-New-Yorker-Cover-February-9-2015-Prints_i13094929_.htm

    Someone told me once that all artists are thieves; does someone at the New Yorker know you? In all seriousness, I know that this magazine cover was likely designed weeks, maybe months ago, but the similarity really jumped out at me! I still like you photo better! 🙂

    • Thank you for sending this and liking my work better! Actually, I think they don’t have that much lead time on the cover but I know it is much more likely we saw similar scenes and just did our own interpretations.

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