15-02-11 Several Departures

“Don’t cry because it’s over

Smile because it happened”

Dr. Seuss

Katherine and I attended her Uncle’s Memorial Service on Sunday. Given he lived to be 99 with his mind intact, it was much more a celebration than a service. It turns out that the Dr. Seuss quote above, was one of Bill’s favorites.

When Jon Stewart announced his departure from The Daily Show last night, this quote popped into my head. I think Stewart is a brilliant performer, a true mensch (at least his TV persona is and I have never heard anything different in his life), and delivered a better newscast than anyone in the US except Al Jazeera America and the BBC. Isn’t that a scary thing to realize.

All that said, the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth is astounding. To me this shows just how desperate the country is for anyone who is real, intelligent, and not afraid to feel and ADMIT when they screw up.

No one seems to be feeling the same way about poor Brian Williams but as the internet meme says…”finally someone is paying for lying about Iraq.” Who knew it would be talking head of hair and not a VP or POTUS or…

All this thinking lead me to a self-portrait for today.



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