15-03-02 Compare And Contrast – Studio and Lightroom

Between the snow and the icy roads I didn’t get back from the wedding until almost 2am. The driving was more tiring then the working.

I had planned a day of shooting but everything except my eyes and brain felt wiped so thought I would work on some images for presentation at my Friday workshop.

The first image of Derrick is the original. The second is with no change except white balance. The others show further work done. I have two favorites which will go unremarked upon.  Feel free to let me know if any resonate with you!







5 responses to “15-03-02 Compare And Contrast – Studio and Lightroom

  1. Hi Robert. My vote is the 2nd shot, which really highlights his face. The darker backdrops competed for my attention. Drive carefully! This winter is crazy.

  2. Robert, I actually came here to comment on your photos, for whatever it’s worth!

    As I think I’ve said before, I’m very fond of black and white shots, but in this particular instance, I believe that next-to-last photo, against the bright blue background, does the most justice to your subject; sharper and more details evidenced there.

  3. Random comment. Winter driving is harder than just about anything. I drove through two snowstorms to get to Charlottesville last week…….MTM told me it would be fine. After witnessing my sixth accident, I called him and screamed, “I DID NOT GROW UP IN WISCONSIN!!!!!! I’M NEVER LISTENING TO YOU AGAIN!!!!!”

    • Don’t let MTM fool you; driving in snow isn’t an activity to be taken lightly, and it can be daunting to the best and most experienced driver. I don’t think for one minute, however, that he’d have let you go into the possibility of that if he didn’t have the utmost confidence in your capabilities — sometimes hubbies, like daddies, know us best. 😉

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