15-03-05 Weekly Travel Photo Theme Challenge [Environment Reward]

Now I realize that most of my fellow New Yorkers and Northeasterners are a bit tired of the winter. I am not. I think it has been a brutal winter but in NYC it has been cold but not that snowy. Today we actually got a bunch of snow (6″-8″, I believe) and for the first time all winter I was able to go for a walk in the storm. Sadly they closed the walkway over the George Washington Bridge. I’m not sure if that was because of the storm or because not 1 but 2 people jumped off it yesterday. One from the lower deck after exiting his car and a few minutes later, one from the upper deck after exiting his bike. However I got to tramp around in the woods and then walk the greenway down to 155th Street.

One of the many things I like about NYC is that you can find “wilderness”/country inside the city. So this fits Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Environment and for me it was a Reward to do this which is the theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge.

As always…click the pic to make it full size.

Here was my first reward

Here are other environments and rewards:












11 responses to “15-03-05 Weekly Travel Photo Theme Challenge [Environment Reward]

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  2. We could not find the picture you sent us yesterday of the lighthouse picked for the contest no matter how we tried .What did we do wrong? Help. J and RT.

  3. We could not find your lighhousewhich you said you sent to us on Sat. What should we do?All pics we saw where great. June and Richard.

  4. All of these are stunning, Robert, but personally, I am in the camp that is so over snow and cold….it’s been on the ground here for weeks!! Could you find a crocus or a very brave daffodil? 🙂

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