1-1-11 Floating With The River

15-03-12 Throw Back Thursday – Who was this guy?

The Quotidian Hudson

The River Day 1 (1-1-11)

When I was RIFed from my job (RIF=Reduction In Force  – corporate terminology for: “Goodbye, we are not firing you BUT your job…it’s gone”), I was very uncertain of how to occupy my time.  I was casting about for something and my wife said: “you are constantly taking pictures, why don’t you just do what you love and shoot”. So I did. I took a class at ICP, to add structure to my thoughts and life, and started to think about what I wanted to shoot. It soon became clear to me that I was drawn to the Hudson River on an almost daily basis. So, I decided that I would shoot the river every day no matter the weather or how I was feeling.  Some days, it might be from a distance but I would shoot it everyday. So I have. Today is January…

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