I Just Don’t Get It…

I thought more than a few of my readers might be able to relate to this excellent piece of writing.

Peter Monn

peter monn tmi

So let me tell you why I’m frustrated, pissed off and a little bit hurt.  In the last year since my book, The Before Now and After Then, was released, I’ve had tons of people message me and call me and let me know how much they loved my book, or if they didn’t love they told me what parts they liked and didn’t like.  Friends at AA meetings, strangers on Facebook and all different kinds of people bought my book, were supportive of my creative endeavors and allowed my dream to come true.  But…I can’t say that for the majority of people in my life.

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One response to “I Just Don’t Get It…

  1. Exactly!! And I’m not a writer. Sadly, I think it’s more an overall sign of the times we live in — everything at breakneck speed, everyone plugged in and tuned out — than it is that people don’t care; but, folks can’t intuit good intentions.

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