15-09-23 New York City – My View

The other day several of us were talking about what we would tell a visitor to NYC they must see while they were here. Statue of Liberty? Empire State? Central Park? World Trade Center? MOMA? The Met? Lincoln Center? We agreed they were all good but…they aren’t really New York. If you are in Paris, you “have” to go to the Eiffel Tower but after you have been…do you really know anything about Paris?

During the discussion I realized that I have not shot very much in the city this year. A lot of Cape Cod, a lot of Mexico City, lots of portraits but not much city. However I just charged back through 2015 and came up with a few shots that I feel represent NYC much more than any building.

Here is a small piece of my New York.

RSJohnson_150512_7377 RSJohnson_150227_0122 RSJohnson_150503_6619 RSJohnson_1507262376 RSJohnson_1507267260453 _DSC7779


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