16-05-05 Going Up The Country

I bring the youth of America home from sophomore year of college tomorrow.

I put this playlist together to cover the three hour drive to the school…
They get to choose the ride home list.

Whipping Post (Live) The Allman Brothers Band
Cowgirl In the Sand (Live)Neil Young
Desolation Row Bob Dylan
Sultans of Swing (Live) Dire Straits
Matty Groves Fairport Convention
Madame George Van Morrison
Ball and Chain (Live) Big Brother & The Holding Company
Mortal City Dar Williams
Three O’Clock Blues B.B. King & Eric Clapton
Amen Leonard Cohen
Sugaree (Live) Grateful Dead
Layla Derek & The Dominos
When the Music’s Over The Doors
Blackstar David Bowie
Purple Rain Prince & The Revolution
New York City Serenade Bruce Springsteen

These particular versions (many live) actually give me 30 minutes extra in case of traffic jams.

Sunrise over Queens, New York.


8 responses to “16-05-05 Going Up The Country

  1. Nice list. Dar Williams cought my attention, as we followed a contempoary of her’s, Lucy Kaplanski, seen some years ago in Bryant Park. The music was great, the ambiance as well, but it sure was a surprise when the automatic park watering system turned on sending the blanket sitting crowd scattering! M 🙂

    • Bryant Park is usually better run than that…guess you all did the running that night. Did you ever see the two of them with Richard Shindell as Cry Cry Cry? Excellent stuff.

      • Yes. They used to be a part of Oakland, N.J.’s “First Night” for a few years, and we saw Shindell seperatly in Red Bank’s waterfront park a few years ago. Interestingly, I believe he lives in Bolivia ??? South America! Despite the brief lawn watering in Bryant, it was a wonderful evening and performance with Kaplanski’s beautifully attuned voice style, guitar mastery and local ties. Marty

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