16-06-14 WPC – Pure (time goes by like hurricanes)

Well, hear us now, we ain’t wastin’ time no more
‘Cause time goes by like hurricanes
Runnin’ after subway trains
Don’t forget the pouring rain.

Gregg Allman


After the horrific, homophobic, rampage in Orlando by yet another young man with a really big, legally bought!!!!!, gun, which was designed for only one purpose and one purpose only, to kill people, I keep finding myself drawn back to this image. And to the actual item which lives on a window in our apartment.

The challenge this week is pure



5 responses to “16-06-14 WPC – Pure (time goes by like hurricanes)

  1. All together, peacefully gathered……your nice “image”reference… 🙂
    On this “bought!!!!!,” in your words above….I just don’t get it, how so many people seem to agree on the same thing – questioning the sanity of selling people assult rifles (and the ammo…yes and the ammo…) and yet nothing is beig done. Maybe we really live in the United StaTUTES OF THE NRA! I just don’t get it!. M 😦

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  3. I would like to contact you to get permission to use a photo of the Tarrytown Lighthouse on a poster to be used by Westchester County. Please call me at 845-896-4250. Thank you.

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