12-08-16 Out Of Phase

I have not written in quite some time. I could say that I have been very busy with work, which is true. I could say that we have been going through a lot of difficult family issues, which is also true.

But that is not the reason. The reason is that I have been basically knocked speechless. I do not recognize the world I am living in. I do not recognize my country. Apparently everything I was ever told that made the USA a great and exceptional country is a lie.

Forgetting everything else:  a president- elect who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes; a President-elect who lies every hour on the hour and whose apologists say we can all have our own special facts, that “we live in a post-fact world,”; a North Carolina Republican Party that brags in a press release about disenfranchising African- American voters; citizens who say that Hillary Clinton collecting fees for speaking to Goldman-Sachs disqualify her to be President but Trump appointing people who have worked at Goldman-Sachs is cool; forgetting all of that…the images coming out of Standing Rock leading up to Thanksgiving were horrifying.

I don’t really care here about the “law”, about legal interpretations of treaties or any of that. Isn’t it time to let Native Americans have what little we left to them? Isn’t it time to admit to the genocide of the original North American population performed over the past four centuries, apologize, and at the least, not take anything else from the Native American population?

I was taught that we were all created equal, that this was an ideal we had never lived up to but each passing decade and generation brought us closer to that dream. That was clearly bullshit. Seemingly close to 48% of the population who can bother to vote do not believe or accept that and have organized things in such a way that the minority rules.

My world is out of phase.

RIP John Lennon 10/9/40 – 12/8/80


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