Robert S Johnson is a freelance photographer. He has been walking, driving, and photographing the Hudson River for the past four years.
He grew up on the grounds of the Boston State Hospital and returned to work on several of the locked wards during the summers while attending college. He received an MFA in Theater from UC San Diego and moved to New York City where he worked in Off-off Broadway for a decade. After 3 years as co-Artistic Director of THECO, a theater company, he moved on. He edited a news show for Japanese speakers despite the handicap of not speaking Japanese. He wrote and produced 30 seconds spots for Essence Magazine’s This Month In Black History. He worked in the hotel audiovisual business and became a regional vice president overseeing 30 in-house hotel operations. He again moved on becoming a regional director of a company offering after-school English language and math tutoring to schools under the aegis of No Child Left Behind.

In December, 2014 he published his first limited edition book “The Quotidian Hudson”, based on the first year of the blog. There are still five copies available.  Last year his work was shown at The Soho Photo Gallery and The Galerie Protegé.
He lives in an apartment in Morningside Heights with his wife, Katherine; daughter, Abigail – when she is not at college; and a cat. He is allergic to the cat but loves her anyway. He does not play guitar.

A technical note…unless otherwise noted all words and images are fully owned by me, Robert S Johnson, dba “Quotidian Hudson River”, “Quotidian Hudson”, “quotidianhudsonriver.com” and “quotidianhudsonriver.wordpress.com”, and should not be used in any other forum without permission.

Your comments are most appreciated, whether on the river, the photographs, the writing, the format, the world or anything you care to say.


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  1. Hi Robort. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I loved the stunning collection of photographs you have clicked.

    Just wanted to tell you, you have a new follower now who will follow world around you through your lens.


  2. Robert: As part of a technical condition of responding to a nomination, I have listed your site as a recommendation for the same Sunshine Award. It all seems a little hooky, but If you wish to pursue this please see my site at Mvschulze.wordpresss,com under the “Awards” Page.
    And thank you for your time and effort in producing your enjoyable posts. Sincerely, Mschulze.

  3. Thanks for the pingback. I love the Hudson. I used to visit NYC a lot when my children lived there. I loved walking and biking along the river.

    • Sorry for the late reply but you were caught in Akismet. Just rescued you from spam today. Hope the company wasn’t too obnoxious. Thanks so much. I will have to check them out and see which one fits my own dour self!

  4. Robert Johnson,

    Trying to reach you for permission to use one of your images in a forthcoming guide to urban landscapes (to be published in spring). No compensation, unfortunately, but very good company.

    Please email me,


  5. Thank you for visiting my little bit of the world in Michigan and the likes. Am slow to respond, yet respond I do. Love your quote about living near water. Are you familiar with bluestockings bookstore in the east village area – on Allen Street? The have events almost every night, including personal travelogues – you might consider seeing if they would be interested in seeing/hearing your Hudson River Works? Just a thought… nice people hang out there.

  6. Great theme to your blog – I look forward to seeing more of it. Looking for a job is very boring and frustrating, especially when you really need one. Glad you found an outlet for the stress.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog!


  7. Wow, Robert, what can I say. Your words, pictures and blog focus is amazing. So unique and what a great way to add richness to the otherwise tedious ness of job searching (for which I wish you luck too!) Do you live on the Hudson in Manhattan? If so, I am jealous. Very jealous.
    Something has just cropped into my mind re New York City and rivers (although I think this particular project is East not Hudson, nonetheless, it may interest you) – the pluspool (pluspool.org) project?
    I love your imagery of the wonderful city that is NY – I’m subscribing, Holly

  8. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post today! Your pictures are beautiful. I have always loved taking pictures and just got my first dSLR. I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience with photography as well. I think your focus on the Hudson River is unique and interesting. What a great way to stay busy while looking for “regular” work. I was out of work for about five or six months last year and it was dreadful. I hope you find something soon.

  9. Robert, just discovered your blog and was quite impressed.The pictures are beautiful and really exhibit a part of New York I did not know existed.
    I also had many of the feelings you had about Father’s day.As a child in Elem. sch I would dread the holiday and felt very much out of place when we had to make cards & gifts for fathers and was told the same thing about give it to an uncle or brother.I look forward to looking in on your blog again.
    Aunt Marcia

  10. Hi Robert! Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours. This is such a fantastic idea you have here! I have subscribed and look forward to reading through all your posts. I am loving the 365 project and started it in a somewhat similar state of despair to gain more control and sense of purpose but its turning out to be a passion. I’m adding you to my blogroll as well.

  11. I love the Blog, Robert!! Great pictures, Hudson history, and social commentary!! Way to go!! I think Grandfither would really like the Bridges!! I will stop by the Blog again!! Margie

  12. I say you should make those goods with guns show you their badges! Homeland Security my arse – people are taking pictures in Grand Central Terminal every day. Harumpf!

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