11-22-12 Welcome Home?

Maybe we should have taken the Beemer to Grandma’s.


Imagine coming home to find this.

1-11-12 The Greenmarket – 1-12-12 BREAKING NEWS

1-12-12 – Something called me to go to the river today…

and this Police Boat blasts by me heading up river. I look in that direction and see nothing so turn and look downstream.  Off in the distance I see a lot of flashing lights.  When I get down to that location (96th Street) this is what I saw…

I was late to the scene but the story below gives the details.

Like they say in local news and the tabloids…”If it bleeds it leads.”  The driver did survive her plunge into the river.

Car Goes In River – CBS News

Back to our regularly scheduled blog…

1-11-12 The the Greenmarket (Union Square)

I needed to be in the Union Square area this morning which gave me a perfect excuse to go the Greenmarket. The market at Union Square is the flagship market in the city, and even though it is mid-winter (and despite the lack of snow and the warm temperatures it is mid-winter) a number of farmers are there with lots of different locally grown and produced foods and wares to sell.

Abigail was particularly taken with this picture of Green Eggs (no ham).

the white eggs are Ostrich and the green, according to the label are either Grinch or Emu…

There is a great selection of other more prosaic but very tasty foods…

If there is a Greenmarket or Farmer’s Market in your area, do check it out. The food is fresher and your money is actually going to the people who grew it not a distribution mill.