7-26-14: Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

The challenge is something you love. It doesn’t actually have to be anything to do with summer but, why not.  This is from Wellfleet, Massachusetts, a place I truly love.


Other loves:












1-8-14 Weekly Photo Challenge – The Beginning

Beginning. The Photo Challenge of the week. This is my second  pass at it. My first attempt is here.

The starting point of this long marathon.

Beginning Possibility-1

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10-11-12 A Walk Around Coney Island

B&H in association with ICP offered a Coney Island walk led by Harvey Stein (you may remember I took a class called Photographing People from him this summer). Harvey has been shooting at Coney for a gazillion years (42 actually) and has two books published on the subject, so he knows the area pretty well.  What better way to spend 10-11-12?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the 50? 60? of us jumped right in to shooting. We all went our own ways of course. This was my journey.

Harvey explains the scene.

Lunch Break

Students from Rachel Carson High School of Coastal Studies

Mom and Phillip

Under the pier

8-9-12 Three Water Day

Today we had what we call a three water day.
Elizabeth really wanted Oysters for the cocktail hour. Blackfish Creek is home to the best Oysters in Wellfleet and therefore the world, and there are several Oyster Farmers on the flats as well as several legal foragers who harvest daily. Elizabeth decided to see if she could buy some. She took off with Ben while I was waiting for a visitor. But I chased them down (home field advantage.

The farmers aren’t allowed to sell so I found a forager and we bought 2 dozen.

That was water 1. Then off to LeConte Hollow for some time in the Atlantic.

Ben with Abigail behind…Then off to Duck Pond.

Back to the house so those who eat oysters could indulge.

To finish our day we went to Harwich for the first game of The Cape Cod League playoffs between Harwich and Orleans.

Hey, it’s an iPhone. What can I tell you?
Orleans won the game 3-1.

6-12-12 Travel Theme: Oceans (A Digression)

Ailsa over at Where’s my Backpack? threw down a new photo challenge in honor of World Oceans Day. This gave me a chance to dig through some older pictures.  The scans were done on the fly and on the cheap. It doesn’t bother me. Hope it doesn’t bother you.

Let’s start with the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica back in the early 90’s….

Then head off to the island of Sifnos in the Mediterranean in 1995

Then jump a century to Wellfleet MA and the Atlantic in 2011

From March of 2012 Dominica gives us The Caribbean (just around the corner from Secret Bay)

Finally we jump back in time to 2005 and an ocean

of people at The Del Mar County Fair.