16-04-05 WPC- Landscape #3

April 4, 2016. Morningside Heights – Looking over the Hudson River to New Jersey.


16-04-02 WPC – Landscape #1

16-04-03 WPC – Landscape #2

Other Landscapes



Join me and my talented colleagues this Friday, December 12, for our first book signing event. The event at the International Center of Photography will feature limited edition signed and numbered copies published by ICP.EDU Books. Editions range from 20-50 as the artist desired. (I personally went with 33). The event takes place at the ICP Museum Bookstore, 1133 6th Avenue, between 6p-7:30p.

Thank you for all the wonderful notes of support and encouragement around the book release.


I have spent the last 4 months going through my Hudson River archives to pick the 43 images for this release. I can truly say that this edition is a synthesis of the past 4 years of my work but the major emphasis is on images from 2011. Setting that boundary on myself meant that a number of my favorite images are not included.  But it allowed me the freedom to go back and look at 2011 somewhat dispassionately and without the personal drama of that year. A number of “new” images populate the book, images I, inexplicably to me, passed over the first, second, third, and fourth time I approached this work. Other images, once favorites but since discarded, came back to the front and insisted on being included. Others have been on top from the beginning and stayed there.

Today’s image taken on 12/9/11 didn’t come close to making the final cut but I like it nonetheless because it is reminder that the Hudson is a working river.

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 111209-92

5-10-14 Travel Theme: Rivers

But I cried a river
A river for him
That’s deeper and wider
Than I’ll ever swim
The heart it will harden
The sorrow will dim
But I cried a river
A river for him

So weep for the sons
And the dear darling daughters
For the passing of time
And the parting of waters

For all who have passed through
This world long before me
To a far distant shoreline
Where no one waits for me

Emmylou Harris

Rivers. H’mm. Rivers. The travel theme from Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? is rivers. That is a tough one…

I wonder if I have any pictures of rivers…

December 7, 2011 @4:14pm



Some other river views:











12-5-13 I Bet You Didn’t Know This

After months of truly lousy connectivity, innumerable phone calls and technician visits I finally bit the bullet on Monday and decided that the internet was going to work in this apartment no matter what it took.  After days of phone calls and technician’s visits and transfers from the call center in India to the call center in ? where the level 3 technicians reside, moving the modem and router about the apartment, pinging, pinging and more pinging I think we finally have internet back up and running and to make it all worthwhile, running much better than it ever has. (Knock on a forests worth of wood). That is by way of saying it may take me a while to catch up with all of your published writing and shooting over the past days.

That has nothing to do with the title, does it? I am about to let you in on a little secret that only some folks in NJ and NY who live near the river know.







The river does not have its own water supply! We, the taxpayers, supply the water. These gentlemen usually only work at night. Must be an emergency…

Watering the river1312040081

10-27-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon – Hudson River iPhone Edition

I had a long post about the Boro Walk planned for today but our internet is awful (Thanks Time-Warner Cable! You truly suck), so I am going in a different direction. Taken from our friends, Roy, Anne and Eva’s house this evening. Classic horizon.


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10-3-13 Travel Theme Relaxing

This is my second go at Ailsa’s theme of Relaxing. I do hope you check out her blog “Where’s my backpack?. She is an inveterate traveler and has seen some amazing views.  My first attempt is here.

Now some of you may think I am nuts but I find it very relaxing to go up on the George Washington Bridge: the northern crossroads from New England to the mid-Atlantic; The Cross Bronx Expressway; I-95 and look at the river and listen to the traffic go by (sometimes) or not go by (rush hour).

Anyway, I took this picture a few minutes before the shot that was exhibited at Photoville.  I shot this from the bike and pedestrian way leading up to the Bridge.

Alt View Hudson Boat1

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6-18-13 Early Days

This is one of the earliest shots I took of the river before I had any idea I would be spending a significant part of the next three years photographing it.

When I shot it, back in October of 2010 I thought of it as an epic picture about the power of the river and the boats and barges that travel it day by day. Now I think it is romantic and perhaps even a bit sentimental. I still like it though.

Earl River

Travel Theme:Texture — 9-15-12

Texture: That is Ailsa travel theme this week.  This is one at which I may very well take several passes. (Can’t be ending a sentence with a proposition, can I grammar mavens?).

When I think texture, I immediately think of the river.  I could do a whole month of posts (or a book), just charting its textural changes from source to mouth but two will do for the day. In honor of the theme, I worked on these two photographs more than I normally do.

From the camera

After processing

2-3-11 NY Waterway 39th Street to Liberty Park

The other morning Katherine said that my relationship to the weather has changed significantly in the last month and she is right. Living in the Northeast I have always checked the weather before heading out for the day but it is now the first thing I look at when I wake up – “look at” meaning turn on the computer and look at various forecasting sites – and the last thing I check before going to bed.  To a great extent what I read decides where on the river I will go, when I will go, what type of gear bag I carry, and definitely how I dress.

Speaking of which I need a good pair of gloves to shoot with. Anyone have any good suggestions? Have to be able to handle digital controls but keep the fingertips warm.

I really like this picture as it documents 4 types of working boats… The Ferry, The Police, The Tourist attraction and the Cargo Barge.