7-2-14 Weekly Photo Contest: Contrasts

Today is Katherine’s birthday and to celebrate (and to make up for the disappointment of yesterday’s World Cup) I got my computer back.

We are going to The Mermaid Inn for dinner and then to Much Ado About Nothing in the park (if the warned about thunder and lightning are not too bad.)

I am “late to the party” challenge this week so I am giving two pictures for the price of one. I think both fit the idea of contrast as they contrast the expectations non-natives have of Manhattan and the reality of the island.




Some other contrasts from around WP:














6-4-11 – Play Time

I have absolutely no idea of what this is.  I can only believe that it is not a positive thing for the water of the Hudson River or the fish and birds who live on, above, and around it.

Went up to Riverbank State Park and North River Wastewater Treatment Plant – “processes 125 million gallons of wastewater every day during dry weather, and it is designed to handle up to 340 million gallons a day when the weather is wet.” –  They, the authorities, claim that the plant is odorless. We, the people of New York, know better. The wind was off the river yesterday and you could smell the plant as soon as you got close to Riverside Drive. It was not as bad as it can be but was not as good as it sometimes is.

North of the Park the barbeques were going big time. Every 10 or 20 yards you would find another family or group, coals flaming, meat cooking, birthday parties being set up. Between the Park and The Bridge I counted over 4o cookouts, from tiny 2 people events to the size of this one…

I really enjoy watching New Yorkers at play. Just to the right of this picture, across the bike path, a Hawaiian themed birthday party was being set up. On the field north of that several baseball teams (some adult league or other, we have a bunch) were running wind sprints and practicing ground balls. They looked very professional in their red and blue uniforms.  By the river lots of people in bikinis, speedos, and surfer shorts, sunbathing. Bikes and blades everywhere.