10-19-16 Reporting In

I have been extremely busy with work, family, life in general and have not been on the blog as much as, perhaps, I should be. As Linda Ellerbee used to say: “And so it goes.”

Big debate tonight – Not really. We already know how it will go…

This past weekend I took some head shots for a beautiful young actress, Blanca Franck. Extraordinary bone structure. As I always do, I snuck in a few portraits along the way. This is, maybe, my favorite.


So, let me sign off with a tune I’ve been playing a lot while I edit. Why? Don’t know and don’t really care. Except it is great!





15-07-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

“With affection beaming in one eye and calculation shining out of the other.”

Charles Dickens

Challenge: Close Up

This past weekend I participated in a workshop led by Andrew French on working in a Daylight Studio. My Frida post from yesterday is from that workshop.

This close up is also from there.

Model: Christina Jolie Breza


Other Close Ups:







6-5-14 Senior Dinner, Model, Mayhem

If my posts have seemed scattered this week it is just because I am scattered. I have booked more work this week then I have in a long time (good). It is the week before Abigail’s graduation so the events have been flying thick and fast (good). The combination of the two? Not so good for blogging or indeed any form of communication. First picture is yesterday, taken with my Nikon. The others are tonight, taken with my iPhone.






Oh yeah, it is getting weird around here.