15-06-01 Every Picture Tells A Story…Don’t It?


But, is it worth a 1000 words?


15-04-12 Weekly Photo Challenge #2 Afloat

She used to work in a diner
Never saw a woman look finer
I used to order just to watch
her float across the floor
She grew up in a small town
Never put her roots down
Daddy always kept movin’,
so she did too.

Somewhere on a desert highway
She rides a Harley-Davidson
Her long blonde hair
flyin’ in the wind
She’s been runnin’ half her life
The chrome and steel she rides
Collidin’ with
the very air she breathes
The air she breathes.

Neil Young

My first float: afloat – is back there.

The weekly challenge itself is right here.

Today’s answer is just below…


Other floatations:::











10-20-14 ICP Borough Walk – Breakfast In Red Hook

Kristin Holcomb led her “Breakfast in Red Hook” Borough Walk through ICP this past Saturday. We were out for over five hours. If you walk with me you can see a few highlights from the first part of the day…

















6-2-14 The Conclusion: Weekly Photo Travel Theme Challenge: Split-Second City Story (South Bronx Edition)

Lots of questions about my last two blog posts (Here) (And Here) on The Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second Stories and Weekly Travel Theme: Cities

I hope this 112 second 28 image “split second story about cities” slide tape helps…

Other views:













2-12-13 Fat Tuesday (Well I’m Going To New Orleans)

I have never been in NOLA for Mardi Gras although I have visited many times for Jazz Fest and spent a glorious New Year’s Eve at Tipitina’s. As Elvis probably demonstrated yesterday, I am spending some time rifling through old photo books trying to decide which pictures are worth my digging out the negatives and scanning into a digital file.

This project, I assume, will take me the rest of my natural life and half of Abigail’s were she to pick up the ball, which I surely hope she does not. Do check back in 20 or 30 years to see how the project is coming.

In any event in honor of Fat Tuesday (which as a friend of mine put it should be followed by: “Don’t You Look Slender Wednesday”) a few NOLA pictures from deep in the last decade of the previous century. The first two are from 1995 and each of the subjects were part of different krewes that paraded through the Fest



This next picture is from 1993


I love the look of the woman in blue

Sadly this was the last Fest that our great friend Ludo attended. He went home to Belgium to be with his family and died before the next Fest arrived.


Ludo is the character in the beret, beer in hand, dancing with Katherine. Our friends Helena and Michael are dancing next to them.

Let’s take this post out with some classic New Orleans and the sound of Professor Longhair

6-20-12 Welcome Summer At The Purple Yam

The Purple Yam is a wonderful restaurant in Ditmas Park.  The restaurant is owned by Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan.  They serve utterly wonderful food that is based in the Philippines but reaches out into the world.  We were there for dinner last night to celebrate the publication of the revised and updated version of their book Memories of Philippine Kitchens.  The night was hot, the beer was cold, and the food was excellent.

New Yorkers, if you like food, take the trip. If you come in from out-of-town on business or for pleasure leave Manhattan and have a great meal.

Chicken cooked in Bamboo tubes

Amy tasting (note book in arms)

Chicken is served

The suckling pig

Romy in a brief moment of relaxation



2-9-12 No Tsingtao For Me

“Here, on the river’s verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left.”
Paul Cezanne

I had planned to go and shoot in Chinatown on Tuesday until that plan was aborted by my computer issues. Today I was going to One Day On Earth again and figured I would shoot in Chinatown after I finished there. I pulled the camera out of my bag and put it into my laptop bag, made sure I had the extra battery and off I went.

When I had finished up at One Day, I headed out onto Greene Street

and saw a young woman carrying a bunch of silver “I Love NY” balloons which she was giving away (a store promo I believe), so I decided to follow her for a bit as she gave them away and see what interesting shots might occur. Grabbed the camera only to realize that my memory card was still in the card reader at home, my backup was in my camera bag and I was SOL and Chinatown would not be happening today!

So I headed home, grabbed my memory cards and went down to the river. When I got there I realized that this was probably better for my mental health.  Mr. Cezanne nailed it in the quote at the top, every movement brings a new perspective and a new river, and I realize just how much I have been missing my daily work. I do not regret the change in my focus but  need to find the balance and I realize I need to “finish” the river and I have not. (the river, of course, will never be finished, but I will be.)

A Permanent Fixture?

Homage to bwinwnbwimusic(@wordpress.com)


And for anyone curious about just how bad our New York City winter has been…

As to Chinatown…I will certainly shoot it someday, but I have no intention of planning the trip again.  Apparently this is one shoot that will have to arise organically.

8-26-11 Panic In the Streets

Well, you know people are taking it seriously when the supermarket is low on both beer and water.

These young lovers did not give a hoot…The only thing that stopped the tickling and nuzzling was the passage of this mysterious object.  He grabbed it – they looked at it for a minute…she licked his ear…they let it go.

Anticipation by Carly Simon

8-17-11 Mars Attacks!

Small things like reasons
Are put in a jar.
Whatever happened to wishes,
Wished on a star?
Was it just something
That I made up for fun?

Marty Balin

Katherine and I decided to meet for a beer at sunset at the temporary restaurant down by 68th Street.  It would give me a chance to walk out on the ‘pier’  and get some good sunset shots and give us a chance to talk, bond, and be a couple in these last few days before Abigail comes home and school and all the events of the fall begin.

Ah well, best laid plans…

Among other things, tonight was the last night of Movies Under the Stars (they were showing Mars Attacks!) and the pier was blocked off by a large projection screen and some killer speakers (not shown).  It was so loud that talking was nearly impossible and listening was worse.

At least we had a few beers.

7-24-11 Off To Camp

We had a lovely family day.  Took Abigail up to camp, met her new bunkmates, established her, and took off. Had a quiet drive back home, I returned the borrowed car to friends and grabbed a beer with them, and then went off to the river for sunset.