5-22-14 This Is The End Of The Beginning

I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.

Gilda Radner

Today was my last PA meeting, I assume, ever. Since Abigail entered pre-school there has not been a year when I was not on the PA or PTA or Board but graduation is only 18 days away and last I checked colleges don’t have PAs.

To balance that, Galerie Protégé, 197 Ninth Avenue (at W. 22nd Street), opened the show “Monsters: Curated by Students of The Friends Seminary”. The work shown is by both professional artists and students . It is only up until May 31 but I am lucky enough to have two photographs in the show and the SohoPhoto Gallery Show, “Juried Work: B&H Workshop” continues also through the 31st, so out of nowhere I am in two group shows simultaneously. If you are in the city…check them out!


1-8-14 Weekly Photo Challenge – The Beginning

Beginning. The Photo Challenge of the week. This is my second  pass at it. My first attempt is here.

The starting point of this long marathon.

Beginning Possibility-1

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1-4-14 Begin The Weekly Photo Challenge

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

Lewis Carroll

all these calculations yes explanations yes the whole story from beginning to end yes completely false yes

Beginning is the first photo challenge of the new year. So, without further ado, let us begin.

There is nothing special about this photo except that it was the first picture I took on 1/1/11 when The Quotidian Hudson started. I now find it to be a totally random shot but we all have to start somewhere.


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