7-31-14 Walk Around Tribeca

The B&H Event Space had a photo walk yesterday that started at The Soho Photo Gallery. It was a scavenger hunt in Tribeca but I had an appointment an hour after it started so…I looked at the exhibit at the gallery (which felt really good) and then  just walked around to the river and back to Franklin Street until it was time to head off to my client’s house. Here are a few of my views…

Outside Soho Photo Gallery

Outside Soho Photo Gallery



The Synagogue For The Arts

The Synagogue For The Arts


Urban Archeology

Urban Archeology

Staple Street

Staple Street


7-28-14 At Work

First a message from our sponsor:

Soho Photo Gallery: 15 White Street is having a pop-up gallery event with The B&H Event Space this Wednesday (7/30) and Thursday (7/31) from 1pm-6pm. It will show the work of 54 “event spacers” and I have one or two or three pieces in it. The exciting thing is that I won’t know how many until the show opens. Part of the pop-up vibe!  There is a party Thursday evening from 6-8 to celebrate the conclusion of this year-long event. I may not be there since I am booked for a shoot (the freelance life) but go down and celebrate for me – or with me if we break early.


I am always impressed by the dedication and drive shown by so many young artists who still come to New York City, despite the insane cost of living here, the destruction of the classic “art neighborhoods” in favor of Hedge Fund Condos, and the sheer amount of noise and distraction that stomps their chance of being heard.  They still come and scramble and scrounge and work and work and practice and work to do their work. Last night we took Lynn Seville’s NY at Twilight class to Central Park. At around 9PM on a Sunday night, which is perhaps when the park is at its slowest, a young lady showed up and began to play. Her case was open, she was busking but very few people were going to walk by. She was also rehearsing in one of the truly beautiful spaces in NYC. It looks great and it sounds great. She was an excellent player.


4-24-14 Truly Tired Thursday

It has been a long week already and fortunately I have Lightroom tutoring and shooting gigs booked for the next three days.  I went to Central Park with @BH_Event_Space and (check out her excellent work) Brenda Tharp today. Lots more photos and maybe some stories another time.




1-22-14 Snow Day

6:45 AM before the snow.


We ended up with about a foot of snow, with winds of 25 mph and temps dropping to 7 above zero, or spring as we called it when I lived in St. Paul. Just a few fun images of 8th Avenue and 32nd Street.



9-5-12 The Infinity Group

B&H Event Space has a monthly(ish) group meeting called the Infinity Group. It is open to any and all photographers (as far as I can tell).  The idea is that a month out you get a shooting “assignment”, shoot and/or edit to fulfill the task and then bring in up to three images on the theme and share thought and ideas.  I decided to see what it was about and went last night.  The assignment was:

“Infinists are asked to submit up to three images that define the animal in you. These may be images of animals you closely identify with, or photoshopped almagrams of self portraits and beasts. In typical Infinist fashion, we will conduct a slide show of all submitted images then return to the images where you can explain and comment on the photographs.”

Some people photoshopped themselves on to or into the faces of animals, others showed animals they love or identify with, one person tweaked the assignment to show “the beast within.”  I came to this very late and tore through the archives tracking down old shots that I thought  fit the bill…

Here are the three I submitted…

5-17-12 Quotidian Hudson – Fashion Photographer?

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham

B&H Event Space offered a wonderful event in Central Park today called “Central Park Beyond Light Shoot Out”. There were seven groups of photographers and we visited 7 stations; some had models and lighting setups which the photographer/equipment reps  demonstrated, explained and guided us through, some had gear we could play with…if anyone has a spare 5K they want to give me I saw two Sigma lenses, a 150 macro and an 8×16 wide-angle that could go really well with a new camera body.

For something completely different, here are four “glam” setups I took. I have also done them in black and white. This is way out of my usual box so all thoughts are welcome.


So, while I was out having fun Todd Jennings (Trail Todd) was continuing his 315 mile Hudson River Run to benefit the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.  Because of the bad weather earlier in the week, and a few other problems, Todd is behind his (self-made) schedule and now expects to reach the Battery on Sunday. It is not to late to contribute to his fundraising efforts.  I hope I can bring you pictures of Todd in Riverside Park and at his arrival at The Battery this weekend.