1-7-14 One Way Or Another

If you live in many parts of the USA, you are cold today. I admit, it is very cold. I am shocked, however, at how many people seem surprised that there are times in the winter that the weather gets very cold. I always thought that was what winter was known for.

A few visions from the summer to remind you that this too shall pass.




10-22-12 Preparing A Change

Over the past few days I have been going through many of my images since – god help me – I am planning to reorganize. My old Lightroom/HardDrive  structure which worked for a while is now being overwhelmed by the amount of images that exist and I am losing my ability to easily call them up.

Here are two images I rediscovered taken in Tulum, Mexico in 2011.

7-31-12 It’s So Miami

Went down to Abigail’s school yesterday to see how the renovation of the cafeteria was going.   On the north side of Union Square a publicity event was happening entitled “It’s So Miami”. Herewith my somewhat skewed view…

Apparently from Dancing With The Stars (Like the dress Chris?)