15-08-26 The Crow

The crow on the cradle
The black on the white
Somebody’s baby, is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle
The white on the black
Somebody’s baby is not coming back
Sang the crow on the cradle
Sang the crow on the cradle




12-29-13 Travel Theme: Bird #2

I thought I would jump back into birding which is Ailsa’s theme of the week (well birds). My first go at it is here.

I have been learning the new Canon Mark III 5D I won in a raffle at Photo Plus Expo and thought I would take it down to the river. Lots of birds out and about. I also thought I would do some serious work in Lightroom afterwards with one image.

I really like the camera. I need to learn it a bit better before I take it out and do a shoot out between it and the Nikon D800 but that is for 2014.

Meanwhile here are some birds. The first shot is just to set the scene:

Birds130194Then the straight from the camera shot…


and the Lightroom worked shot.


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8-31-13- Weekly Travel Photo Theme Challenge: Distance Sea

I thought I would combine Ailsa’s weekly theme: Distance with this week’s photo challenge: Sea and see what I could find.

Since I went very cold yesterday I thought we should go warm today. I think the photo from the beach of Secret Bay on the island of Dominica fills the bill…

Weekly Photo Challenge-Travel Theme _ Dominica-0150

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12-10-12 Back To the Fog

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…It’s actually a grayout not a whiteout but…

Approaching the George Washington Bridge

Approaching the George Washington Bridge


Entrance to Narnia? Moria? London 1888?

Entrance to Narnia? Moria? London 1888?

The Little red Lighthouse

The Little Red Lighthouse

Look up in the sky - What! I can't see sh**

Look up in the sky – What! I can’t see sh**

Pigeons -178th Street

Pigeons -178th Street

125th Street: Seagull feeding Time

125th Street: Seagull feeding time

"There's A High Flying Bird"

“There’s A High Flying Bird”

Down river

Down river

Riverside Park

Riverside Park

10-26-11 Two Birds

I was still feeling discouraged today when I headed for the river.  I had been there about 90 minutes and was feeling somewhat more upbeat, when I saw a tiny bird in a red berry tree.  I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get a good shot of him? her?, who knows…

I do not have the right camera or lenses for fast moving nature photography but who cares? The hunt was exhilarating.

As I started home the wind picked up and the sun started down (it seems to sink much more quickly in fall and winter than in spring or summer).

As I stood watching I saw my Hallmark moment and had to shoot. – clichés are clichés for a reason. I find that the verbal ones mean something to the brain while the visual ones mean something to the heart.

10-8-11 I Think I Can

There you stood
on the edge of your feather,
Expecting to fly.

Neil Young

This little guy gave it his best shot but…I don’t know if the problem was physical, emotional, or intellectual but he just could not make it happen.  I think, maybe, that there’s a metaphor in here someplace.

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7-19-11 Small Beer

I am listening to The Trio a lot these days. The pure singing takes me to a different, very calm, and centered, place and I need that right now…After The Goldrush – The Trio

I went to a camera repair shop yesterday to see if they could refurbish an old 1950’s Canon Abigail’s grandfather gave her recently. While I was there I asked them to look at my 18-55 lens. It “sounded” wrong to me and I thought everything I was shooting seemed “off”. Damned if I hadn’t broken the gears somehow.  How? No idea…but there you go. Into the shop for repairs at a cost of $79.  Small Beer as the British say, (Small Beer: “Informal” a person or thing of little importance”) given all that is going on here but still a pain in the rear.

This guy kept trying to pick something out of the water – looked kind of like a bagel to me but I can’t be sure – and wasn’t able to get it…I shot at least 4 attempts he made…

6-15-11 “There are eight million stories in the Naked City…”

New York aka The Naked City, can be a tough town. The police don’t believe we will ever know what brought the muppet to this sad end but this reporter would suggest that they pay close attention to the feather in the water near him. Has anyone seen a large bird and a glamor pig since the body was found?

5-21-11 A Bright and Sunny Day

Woke up to bright sunshine and temperatures in the 70s!  Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get out in the mid afternoon, it was closing in on rain and temperatures had dropped back into the 60’s.

As Linda Ellerbee used to say NBC News Overnight “And so it goes.”