11-19-16 WPC – Magic (Birthday Edition)

It has been a really hard month. And that is before we talk about the national disaster.

We interred Katherine’s mom yesterday. As Katherine put it she was a strong woman and a force of nature. She had not been herself for a number of years so there is some relief but, of course, no matter how much you expect it, it is still painful.

She was a Bush Republican so we didn’t agree on much politically but she would have been horrified at what is happening in her party today.

Anyway, when we came back from the cemetery yesterday, I went up to her roof deck to look at the harbor. (She lived in Chatham MA). Lo and behold, a whale was swimming through the bushes on her property Talk about magic.


10-25-16 The World Series

Begins right now! I am not a football fan and was glad that this past Sunday  lots of kids were out playing baseball and soccer in Riverside Park,

I got a nice double exposure but can’t decide if I prefer it in color or black and white.

All thoughts appreciated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHER!!!! 20 years old. OMG


15-07-06 Views From The Weekend

Katherine’s birthday was last Thursday and we had an action packed celebration.

She and Abigail and I went to see Fun Home, winner of the Tony for Best Musical, on Wednesday. If you are in NYC and don’t know what show to see…this is the one!

Thursday her sisters came to town and seven of us went out for dinner at Bar Boulud, after which several of us took a Harbor Cruise.

Friday, we had a great brunch at home and I won tickets for two to see The Tempest at Shakespeare In The Park. Saturday the city threw a little fireworks display for Katherine and the country and Sunday, well what can I say but 5-2!!! What an amazing soccer game!









11-22-14 Weekly Photo Travel Theme Challenge: Colorfully Angular

Travel Theme: colorful

Photo Challenge: Angular

Previous Attempt (Challenge): right here

My apologies to those who already saw this shot on my Facebook or G+ page. This is the sunrise as seen from my iPhone the morning after my birthday.


Other angular or colorful views.











51 years …

11-15-14 Afternoon Delight

As part of my birthday week celebration Katherine took me to “A Private Wine Tasting” at the Italian Wine Merchants. Topic was the Killer Bs of Italy (Barolo, Brunello, Barbaresco and the newcomer to the group, Bolgheri.)

A very enjoyable two hours filled with information, great cheese, speck, prosciutto and, oh yeah, a few wines.

As you can tell from the high quality of these shots…a good time was had by all.




11-19-13 A Birthday Stroll- Palisades Interstate Park – Alpine NJ

And your mind is reeling as the sky is changing
All you’re feeling and you’re re-arranging
The rest of your life like lines on an old sailors chart
Fred Eaglesmith / Mary Gauthier

And the Hudson, it holds the life
we thought we did it on our own
I thought I had no sense of place or past
time was too slow, but then too fast
the river takes us home at last

Dar Williams

Took a long walk today through Palisades Interstate Park, the Alpine, New Jersey section, to contemplate my birthday…

Okay, that’s enough of that.

What did become clear is that I have not been getting down to the river nearly enough and that, at least, will be changing.  Revamped website is almost done. Rethought book is closing in to lay out.  It is past time for me to stake these things down and move on to the next cycle.

Meanwhile, take a little hike with me but watch out for the Park Rangers trucks!

Birthday Walk-1311190007

Birthday Walk-1311190012

Birthday Walk-1311190016

Birthday Walk-1311190080

Birthday Walk-1311190020

Birthday Walk-1311190054

Birthday Walk-1311190058

Birthday Walk-1311190101

10-25-12…Picasso;Katy Perry; Minnie Pearl

All the folks above were born today. More importantly, so was Abigail. Today was Abigail’s 16th birthday. I took lots of pictures of the taco party we threw for her and her best neighborhood friends. I was asked not to post any of them.
She’s 16. It’s the least a Dad can do…