11-16-13 Weekly Photo Challenge – Layer

Back in 1991 at The Mermaid Day Parade, the Reverend Pedro had a message layered with many meanings.


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10-11-12 A Walk Around Coney Island

B&H in association with ICP offered a Coney Island walk led by Harvey Stein (you may remember I took a class called Photographing People from him this summer). Harvey has been shooting at Coney for a gazillion years (42 actually) and has two books published on the subject, so he knows the area pretty well.  What better way to spend 10-11-12?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the 50? 60? of us jumped right in to shooting. We all went our own ways of course. This was my journey.

Harvey explains the scene.

Lunch Break

Students from Rachel Carson High School of Coastal Studies

Mom and Phillip

Under the pier