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10-3-13 Travel Theme Relaxing

This is my second go at Ailsa’s theme of Relaxing. I do hope you check out her blog “Where’s my backpack?. She is an inveterate traveler and has seen some amazing views.  My first attempt is here.

Now some of you may think I am nuts but I find it very relaxing to go up on the George Washington Bridge: the northern crossroads from New England to the mid-Atlantic; The Cross Bronx Expressway; I-95 and look at the river and listen to the traffic go by (sometimes) or not go by (rush hour).

Anyway, I took this picture a few minutes before the shot that was exhibited at Photoville.  I shot this from the bike and pedestrian way leading up to the Bridge.

Alt View Hudson Boat1

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11-15-12 Ishtar

I didn’t check the WP dashboard for two days and Akismet caught 6o pieces of spam in 48 hours…

Yesterday I went back to 11/14/11. I was so pleased to be looking at old work that I am doing it again today. This shot is from 11/15/11 but I have taken a picture of this object numerous times over the past three years. I don’t think it has ever made the blog because I’ve never been able to get the “jazzy”  cocktail lounge feel I want.

So what do you think? After the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, war, love, and sex?

Or the movie with Beatty and Hoffman?

8-2-12 Boat


Last night Abigail and I finished an 8 hour Boating Safety Class – passed the test with scores in the 90’s and are now certified…boaters.

Our instructor was Bob.


We took the course to be ready for our two weeks on Cape Cod so expect some different views over the next days.

8-4-11 Double Double Toil and Trouble

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.

But I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

I bet many of you have heard or seen this quote before but never has it seemed more appropriate, especially as applied to the House of Representatives.

I’ll have two scoops of recession at my tea party please!

The Nautica New York City Triathlon is on Sunday and the swimmers will be taking off from my default entrance to the river. They spent much of today building the launching platform.  I would sure love  to shoot them heading into the water but they start at 5:50am and I won’t back in town in time to see that.  I will be in Boston on Saturday at the Red Sox-Yankees game with my Mother who was kind enough to invite me.

Wait until next year…

6-19-11 Father’s Day …

Entering the mouth of the Hudson

Father’s Day – always an odd day for me.  My Father died when I was about 18 months old. He was Chief Resident at Boston State Hospital, which I believe was the first hospital established in the US exclusively for the treatment of Mental Illness.  (Don’t quote me, I could be wrong.) My father caught polio from one of his patients and died from it fairly quickly. My mother was a psychiatric nurse when they met – she later became a psychologist  and is still working today.

Looking up the Hudson from the Bay. The building under construction on the right is the “Freedom Tower

We lived in housing provided for the staff. I think we should have been thrown out after my father died, since it was a perk for the Doctors but, out of kindness or guilt (the polio vaccine was already available to the staff but he had not been given an inoculation yet) or both, they let my Mother and me stay on.  We  lived there until I was 10/11 and I came back to work there in the summers after I turned 16. Of course many of the staff remembered me but what was stranger was how many patients remembered me as a little boy and remembered my parents and wanted to talk to me about how wonderful my Father had been  and how nice my Mother was.

Heading down river to the ocean

As my fellow blogger, Rebekah,  over at Colder Weather reminded me, I always hated the card making elementary school ritual. As I remember I was the only kid who did not have a father (again don’t quote me but it felt that way)
and the “oh make it for your grandfather or an uncle” stuff just did not work.

This year was the first year that Abigail was not home for Father’s Day, but we facebooked and made plans to go out when she gets back.  Katherine and I took a boat ride from Chelsea Piers through Buttermilk Channel, out by The Statue of Liberty and Ellis island and then back. A nice two hour tour.

6-10-11 “Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”

If you read this blog you know that I am always a day behind, I talk about yesterday as if it were today, today as if it were tomorrow. I assume this is fairly common in Blog world, although no one I follow seems to do this, but I do confuse myself sometimes and can’t quite remember when I am talking about and if something has happened or will happen “tomorrow”.

At those points I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh: “When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

It was a very long day today. A full day of work followed by 4 hours at ICP. The graduating full time students have their show in 16 days (according to one group I heard) or 18 (according to another group) and are scrambling for lab time. Almost every single open lab slot is booked for the next two weeks.

The students are bargaining with each other, “I will give you my 3 hours on Station 4 if I can have 2 hours on Station 8” – they are tired enough that the European students have forgotten that we write month first and day second in the US (6/10/11 v 10/6/11) and realize too late that they have reserved on a day they can’t use – there is an air of chaos and really fraught energy filling the air. It is amusing, inspiring, and tiring  to observe.

So today, I am looking into the future and linking to an article in tomorrow’s NY Times about further government over reaction on the river… Security checks on the Hudson

5-21-11 A Bright and Sunny Day

Woke up to bright sunshine and temperatures in the 70s!  Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get out in the mid afternoon, it was closing in on rain and temperatures had dropped back into the 60’s.

As Linda Ellerbee used to say NBC News Overnight “And so it goes.”