7-8-14 That Was Brutal

German fans? Brazilian fans?

You be the judge.



7-24-12 Mexico City Maria

Today we partnered up and went out to shoot specific assignments. The weather was extremely hot which didn’t bother me but did bother a few of my classmates.

The class is extremely international.  If I am remembering correctly we have folks from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela, Virginia and Westchester County.  The TA is from Russia.

The assignment: shoot from 6 feet above our partner; 6 feet below; at the closest focal range possible with a 50mm lens,; in motion; in an environment that described them; and a team portrait.

My partner was Maria, a 23 year old woman from Mexico City who is in the States for 3 weeks taking courses at ICP.

I did well on a few, badly on a few. Here is the good…well at least I think so…

Team Portrait



Sunset On the River