7-23-12 Photographing People

I am taking a five-day intensive class (10-5 daily) called “Photographing People.” Harvey Stein is the teacherHarvey has been a professional photographer since 1979 and is probably best known for his work at Coney Island. Coney Island 40 Years was published last year. His first book on Coney Island was published in 1998.

Today’s afternoon assignment was to go to Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center and ask people we found interesting if we could take their pictures. We are to bring in our five “best” to show tomorrow. These are the top 5 that didn’t make the cut…


7/23/11 The Norwegian Jewel passes Pier 54


5-16-12 Of Selfies and Minnie and Bocce – Oh My

Today, for no particular reason, while on my way to the Union Square Greenmarket (where I later found the first Sugar Snap Peas of the season) I decided to stay on the subway and take some shots while crossing the Manhattan Bridge. What will probably not come as a surprise to most is that shooting off a moving subway while crossing a bridge leads to a LOT of truly awful shots.  However I did find a few that I liked.

I don’t often take self-portraits (let’s say hardly ever) but just as I clicked the shutter the subway rocked and I came up with this, which I rather like…

Later, on my way to ICP I went through Times Square which has a big rat problem…

and then took a moment in Bryant Park to watch some guys play a little Bocce.



5-1-12 May Day – OWS – Not Dead Yet

Hands down, the best and most potent sign seen at Occupy Wall Street’s Joint March and Demo

May Day.  I spent most of today with Occupy Wall Street and their allies in labor and various Immigration groups.  I believe that their death has been over reported.  I have already heard Fox News saying that there were 1000 or less participants,  (which was patently absurd,) OWS and its allies will probably claim 10- 15,000 or more.  I don’t do crowd estimates but I would align myself with 7,500-10,000.

I started the day in Union Square with labor and Immigration, then went up to Madison Square Park for OWS Free University, then followed the OWS march from Bryant Park through Madison Square and down to Union Square to join up with the other groups.  There were also marches over the Brooklyn Bridge and a few others. By the time I had to leave the march from Union Square down to Wall Street had  not begun but was getting organized. Haven’t seen that many cops in a good long while.  Below is a small sample of my pictures from the day. I will have the rest up on Flickr soon.

Set up on Flickr as of 1:30pm



1-21-12 Two Views

We had a little snowstorm today. Not much to talk about, unless it hadn’t snowed all winter (or actually since mid-fall, 10/29/11).  Little kids had a great time, older kids wondered why it wasn’t a blizzard on a school day, the mayor remembered to get the plows on the street and not to go to Bermuda for the weekend, and Monday is supposed to be between 45-50, or as I like to call it, the new normal.

This is the 2nd weekend of my intensive Photoshop class at ICP.  Great teacher, Kathleen (Kathy) Anderson (Hit the link. Check out her work).  You won’t be seeing the results of the class here for a bit (I don’t think – never say never, right?). I want to play before I publish!

Bryant Park - NYC as we always imagine it in the snow

Cathedral Parkway - NYC as we usually see it during the snow

1-21-11 A view of the Palisades below the GW Bridge

As it happens several of my favorite blogs are mining their pasts this week. At the same time, I have been listening incessantly to Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, and The Runaways (parts of my past), so I beg your indulgence…