15-01-13 Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

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Melanie Neilson

Verse # 3

La Brea No. 5



2-7-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie (Not where I should be edition)

Today, my plan was to work until 2 and then go to Boston. Take some brilliant shots on the road and blog about the ride. However, when I went to the car…It looked something like this.

I know – you are thinking: “ugly but not terrible” Did I mention that it wasn’t snow? Nope, all ice.  After four hours it looked like this:

photo (28)

So why aren’t I on the road? You can’t see it here but the left back tire is encased in ice and while the right one looks free, it is not. Probably another two hours tomorrow and then it will be free.

SO. The weekly photo challenge is that new word in the Oxford English Dictionary: selfie! I used my iPhone with the Pro HDR app and then did a little work in Snapseed.


Here are some other selfs:












10-12-12 Travel Theme: On Display

Ailsa’s theme this week is “On Display”.

I thought about a number of markets that fit the bill – Barcelona – Montreal – NYC but decided to think about display in a different way.

Here we have three (badly scanned) images from the display capital of the world – The Grand Ole Opry.

6-24-12 Round Trip Road Trip

I have not been my usual participatory WordPress blog self (either reading or writing) these past few days and today I barely managed to get a blog post in at all. I threw up one pic of the Mermaid Day Parade but it was the best I could do. There will be a full blog about the parade in the next 24-48 hours.

We have been busy getting Abigail ready for camp.  Today we drove her up to Vermont and then came back.  Basically we left at 11 and returned at 11. Not a bad drive all in all but a long day and tomorrow morning I have to return David and Jenna’s car so Jenna can take the kids on an upstate adventure. I will then retrieve the Graciemobile from the friend we loaned it to and see why it started acting up. (I hate cars. That is a big reason I live in NYC). Hardly anytime to blog and not much time to shoot but I did get a few good pictures of the camp campus and one shot of the town that I liked.


From Hoboken in 2011