11-24-14 Bits and Pieces

Had to go down to Chelsea this afternoon. This greeted me as I got off the subway.

Talk about your scofflaws.


Since I was down there I went to visit my old friend, Pier 54.

Deterioration continues apace. I am breaking several photographic rules in this picture but I like it.


10-26-14 Yikes- Almost Time For “Homeland” And I Haven’t Blogged Or Had Dinner!

October 24, 2011

It snowed 5 days later

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 111024-85

11-13-13 Boro Walk -2013-It’s A Wrap

All Borough walks are concluded for 2013. I thought I would throw together a gallery of the 10 walks. One shot of the photographer and one shot that represented something about the Borough or walk – to me.

These surely do not qualify as pictures for an exhibit. These are tokens as much for my memories as for any other reason. The only borough not represented is Staten Island…but hey, they are used to being an afterthought! So, as always, click on any picture in the gallery to jump to full size.

5-28-12 Finally – The Warmth!

I am going to be doing some time jumping over the next few days to “catch up” and show Wellfleet in all its glory but so it goes.

Today was hot, hazy, and humid! Yessssss!



A similar kind of day but not one of the first.