15-01-31 Weekly Travel Photo Theme Challenge – The Depth Of Doorways

“When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don’t eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out.”

Winnie The Pooh

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Doorways

The Photo Challenge is Depth

My first attempt at depth is here:

Beneath two attempts at the depth of doorways…

Red Hook



Boro Walk

Other deeps and doors:








11-13-13 Boro Walk -2013-It’s A Wrap

All Borough walks are concluded for 2013. I thought I would throw together a gallery of the 10 walks. One shot of the photographer and one shot that represented something about the Borough or walk – to me.

These surely do not qualify as pictures for an exhibit. These are tokens as much for my memories as for any other reason. The only borough not represented is Staten Island…but hey, they are used to being an afterthought! So, as always, click on any picture in the gallery to jump to full size.

11-6-13 A Walk Around Flushing, Queens, New York City

Saturday The ICP Boro Walks hopped on the 7 train as Siobhan Landry led a walk to the new Brooklyn: Queens! (If you read the New York Real Estate sections at least).

Siobhan filling in the troops

Siobhan filling in the troops

Queens Borough Walk

Queens Borough Walk-2Queens is touted as being one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. With over 100 different countries represented in its population, that makes sense to me.

This church billboard gives a small taste.

Queens Borough Walk-22

We walked through Flushing to reach our first stop.

Queens Borough Walk-23

Queens Borough Walk-4

Our first stop was the Voelker Orth Museum and Victorian Gardens. Their Mission Statement:

“The Voelker Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Garden, through the experience of an immigrant family’s 1890s home, preserves and interprets the cultural and horticultural heritage of Flushing, Queens and adjacent communities to engage their ever-changing populations.”

The caretaker, I believe his name is Woodley (the only problem with being the wrangler on the Boro Tours is I occasionally miss introductions and names, my apologies), gave our group a very interesting tour of the newly renovated and reopened home.

Queens Borough Walk-6

Queens Borough Walk-5

Queens Borough Walk-7

After that we headed off to the park and area around The Queens Historical Society.

Queens Borough Walk-8

Queens Borough Walk-9

Queens Borough Walk-10

Queens Borough Walk-12

Then off to the Bowne Street Community Church.

Queens Borough Walk-14

Queens Borough Walk-15

Queens Borough Walk-13As we walked to Main Street, the heart of Flushing and the heart of Queens Chinatown, we ran into this young lady who had some interesting ideas on The “holy land”, The USA, Persia and god.

Queens Borough Walk-16Queens Borough Walk-17Then we hit Main Street and spent some time wandering awhile.

Queens Borough Walk-20

Queens Borough Walk-21

Queens Borough Walk-18

Queens Borough Walk-19

Then it was off to dinner at Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan for a delightful (if cramped)meal.

4-30-13 Chinatown

On Sunday I was the Teaching Assistant for a Borough Walk through Chinatown. The photographer leading it was Alan Chin. The man is an amazing fountain of knowledge about Chinatown (and a damn fine photographer – check out his website, here).

We started in Columbus Park and ended up at The Nom Wah Tea Parlor.  I have not had time to work on many of the pictures but here is a brief taste.




4-29-13 Tacky

Today’s headline refers both to the pictures I am about to post and this post itself. This post bears no resemblance to what I intended to put up today but a combination of computer issues, the world choosing to get in the way of my posting, and I am sorely afraid the loss of 200+ images from this evening has made it necessary.  When I choose not to post one day it will be because I choose it not because it is forced on me. – End of rant.

I was in Chinatown yesterday and saw these. I think they fit the definition of tacky, don’t you?

President Flask-2 President Flask-3

7-2-12 Queens Is The New Brooklyn (Birthday Edition)

Today was day 4 of the long Birthday weekend but the difference was…it is the actual birthday.  We started the day at PS1 in Long Island City. Katherine particularly wanted to visit the installation by James Turrell called Meeting. It was inspired by the Quaker Meeting shape and idea.  We both were knocked out by Janet Cardiff‘s sound installation The Forty Part Motet and we both enjoyed Saul Melman‘s Central Governor.  There is also a truly inspirational piece entitled Wendy by HWKN that is in the front courtyard.


Wendy (from the 3rd floor) w/ 5Pointz in the background


Central Governor

Wendy at work

We headed back to the car and

circled 5Pointz

before heading out to Spa Castle in College Point. Spa Castle is a spa so I refrained from taking pictures. However, New Yorkers, if you haven’t been you must go. Tourists when the tension of the city gets to be too much…

The 3rd (top)  floor is a health club and restaurant. The second floor consists of a number of outdoor pools with all sorts of jets and relaxation spots in a variety of temperatures. There is also several indoor bathing areas and an indoor pool bar. Floor 1.5 has the hand and foot massage rooms and a sleeping area.  The ground floor has six saunas and an Ice room as well as a true “spa” facials, mani/pedis, waxing, full body massage etc. as well as a food area.  The Lobby floor are the locker rooms. Spa Castle provides uniforms for the co-ed floors but the pools in the single sex locker rooms (ranging from 61 degrees to 104) and the 187 dry sauna and the steam room are full monty.

This place attracts a full cross-section of NYC. More languages than you can shake a stick at, every color, creed and religion is here. They do allow kids which some people object to. Don’t go on weekends or holidays!!!! There si some nuzzling that occurs.  I made a discovery here. Some time in the last few years, tramp stamps have become big with the 20-30 year old male set…

From there we headed to Chinatown in Flushing and ate at a nice little restaurant called Biang (if you are counting that is Chinese food four days in a row – I think someone likes it)…and ended the evening back in Long Island City just as the sunset at Gantry Plaza State Park.

1 WTC in the distance

The Bride



4-15-12 Chinatown and Columbus Park

Spent the morning putzing around and then headed down to Chinatown to have lunch with our good friends David and Jenna.  We decided to drive so we could do some food shopping down there afterwards. On the way we stopped for gas and the attendant (yup a manned gas station!) pointed out that the back tire of the Graciemobile was almost flat. 10 minutes and 20 bucks later he had pulled a nail and patched it for us and off we went. After we parked we walked the 5 blocks to the Nom Wah Tea Parlor. This took us by The Manhattan Detention Complex (aka The Tombs)

On December 12, 2001 this was renamed the Bernard B. Kerik Complex to honor one of Rudy Giuliani’s cohorts, the NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who had been Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner of the Department of Corrections.  Giuliani pushed through the renaming during that brief period when New Yorkers thought maybe he didn’t suck as badly as we had thought after the attacks of 9/11.

Funny story: they had to change the name back to The Manhattan Detention Complex after Bernie pleaded guilty to 8 felony charges. He is currently in a minimum security federal prison camp.

And we walked on and met David and Jenna and had a great lunch…

Not us

After lunch we split up as David and Jenna had to get back to Brooklyn and relieve their baby sitter. We strolled and shopped and checked out the neighborhood .

Bayard Street Obstetrics and Gynecology

Then we went to Columbus Park. I love this place. I think anyone who comes to NYC should check it out. It is a real flavor of how things used to be before much of Manhattan gentrified.

This lady sang a most awesome version of “Sealed With A Kiss”

Sealed With A Kiss

Tai Chi Stick Form


Last year on April 15th I spent about 4 hours on the river.  A good part of the time I tried to get one particular shot just the way I wanted it…

I never did.

What I realize now, of course, is that I would have needed a glider or a helicopter to shoot what I truly wanted to see. Ah, the perspective that time gives.

I will leave you now with a quote that I have been trying to work in for some time but never found the right spot. So as a random thought…

Alex Castellano, GOP strategist to Maureen Dowd: “Republicans being against sex is not good. Sex is popular.”

2-15-12 At Last

Due to a serendipitous occurrence in blogerville, and the changing of an appointment, I made it to Chinatown today.

I had attempted to get there twice before and since I had been thwarted by technological and personal screwups both times, I think I performed the photographic equivalent of hyperventilating. In less than 90 minutes I shot 183 images…  or maybe it was due to the 6th cup of coffee  (I forget what exactly Abigail said to me but it was in the neighborhood of “Over hyper much there, Dad?”)

In any case, it was a fun walk and shoot. Overcast and near 50 degrees (Don’t you love early April?) I hope you enjoy the stroll.

Oh, for another taste of NYC, check out The Accidental Cootchie Mama‘s post today…

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2-9-12 No Tsingtao For Me

“Here, on the river’s verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left.”
Paul Cezanne

I had planned to go and shoot in Chinatown on Tuesday until that plan was aborted by my computer issues. Today I was going to One Day On Earth again and figured I would shoot in Chinatown after I finished there. I pulled the camera out of my bag and put it into my laptop bag, made sure I had the extra battery and off I went.

When I had finished up at One Day, I headed out onto Greene Street

and saw a young woman carrying a bunch of silver “I Love NY” balloons which she was giving away (a store promo I believe), so I decided to follow her for a bit as she gave them away and see what interesting shots might occur. Grabbed the camera only to realize that my memory card was still in the card reader at home, my backup was in my camera bag and I was SOL and Chinatown would not be happening today!

So I headed home, grabbed my memory cards and went down to the river. When I got there I realized that this was probably better for my mental health.  Mr. Cezanne nailed it in the quote at the top, every movement brings a new perspective and a new river, and I realize just how much I have been missing my daily work. I do not regret the change in my focus but  need to find the balance and I realize I need to “finish” the river and I have not. (the river, of course, will never be finished, but I will be.)

A Permanent Fixture?

Homage to bwinwnbwimusic(@wordpress.com)


And for anyone curious about just how bad our New York City winter has been…

As to Chinatown…I will certainly shoot it someday, but I have no intention of planning the trip again.  Apparently this is one shoot that will have to arise organically.