17-02-09 So It Snowed Today

Winter finally visited…

Yesterday it was 62 degrees…

12-11-16 NYC First Snow

It started snowing late this afternoon while I was at a meeting in midtown.  The meeting was on the east side. This meant that I had to walk cross town through Rockefeller Center where there where only 8 gazillion people out to see the tree.

Very pretty evening though…


12-18-13 Seven Days

On Sunday we received very good news. Abigail had been buzzing and hiding, waiting for news on her early decision application. Sunday morning we discovered that she has been admitted to Smith College and will be joining the class of 2018 next September. We are extremely happy for and proud of her but as her mother and I said, “Now that you have demonstrated what we knew, that you are a great young woman…why don’t you stay home?”

Given that won’t happen we decided we would buy a Christmas Tree instead. We gave it a few days to fall and then decorated tonight.

Tree11Every tree needs a lighthouse.


1-8-12 The End Of Christmas

“January, month of empty pockets! … let us endure this evil month, anxious as a theatrical producer’s forehead.”
–  Colette

We took Christmas down yesterday. That gave me a chance to play a bit.

For any one interested this is where New York City trees end up…

FYI  – today or tomorrow will have two posts as I catch up with the Saugerties Lighthouse trip…

Thanks for visiting!

12-1-11 T’is The Season

And now it’s December, 2011. That means that I finally can hear the Holiday music that has been playing incessantly in stores and on a variety of radio stations since Halloween, without getting ill.

Yes, I said Holiday music. I live in New York City where according to Fox News the “liberals” and “socialists” have won the war on Christmas.  I prefer to think that in this space we inhabit, most of us prefer not to shove our particular beliefs or non-beliefs down each others throats.

The Québécois Tree folks have been decorating…