17-02-09 So It Snowed Today

Winter finally visited…

Yesterday it was 62 degrees…

10-26-14 Yikes- Almost Time For “Homeland” And I Haven’t Blogged Or Had Dinner!

October 24, 2011

It snowed 5 days later

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 111024-85

9-22-14 Last Sunset Summer 2014

As I post this at 10:29 PM EDT the Autumn Equinox is here. In New York, the summer was not very summer like. I will miss it anyway as it was a momentous season for my family.

I went down to the river this evening to say goodbye to the summer. The wind was blowing hard and the temperature was dropping. Fall is here. These are a few of the images that I brought back.

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9-21-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance – It Looks To Have Been A Great March. BUT Are You Going To VOTE!

As I feared I missed today’s Climate March but from friend’s reports it was a great success and a good coming together. BUT, if the people who marched do not vote and do not get their friends to vote, at least in the USA it will all be for nought. Our fellow citizens, the corporate ones, have bought Congress, especially the Republican side of the aisle (sorry but it is true), lock, stock and barrel. If they take the Senate, the little that has been done disappears. Period, end of sentence.

Do we have the endurance to get out there and rouse the vote, to pull, push, whine, nag, needle, show the difference, and push and push and push to get our apathetic friends, relatives and colleagues to VOTE?

Do we have the endurance to keep it looking like this…


or will we let it end up like this…


Other views of endurance











9-20-14 The World Turned Upside Down


People’s Climate March and Mobilization

I made a mistake and booked myself to work tomorrow but hope to get back in time for the second half of the march…There are a lot of actions around the world tomorrow to coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit.

12-22-13 Travel Theme: Winter (Need To Travel To Find It)

Just in time for the Winter Solstice, Ailsa chose Winter as her theme.

Simultaneously New York City choose spring as its theme. 66 degrees today. They say it will drop by Christmas Eve. We shall see.

I took a walk along the river today., Here are a few scenes that I saw on my way to the Hudson.

New York City 12/22/13. A little winter slide show to celebrate Ailsa’s theme.

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6-6-13 Crabs For D-Day

People of Western Europe: A landing was made this morning on the coast of France by troops of the Allied Expeditionary Force. This landing is part of the concerted United Nations’ plan for the liberation of Europe, made in conjunction with our great Russian allies … I call upon all who love freedom to stand with us. Keep your faith staunch. Our arms are resolute. Together we shall achieve victory.” 
-Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, June 6, 1944.

In continuing my journey back to the beginnings of this thing I do, I went to Yonkers today.  Work continues apace on turning the old power station into a hotel and morgue – sorry I meant mall  (go here for a view as it used to be) – The Hudson River Museum has an excellent exhibit called Fantasy River. The artist is Federico Uribe and he makes all the work out of found discards. Based on my observation these include mini golf pencils and expended shells among many other items. I will write more about the exhibit in the next few days.

Today I want to write about Robert and George, two retired gentlemen who hang out at the waterfront and crab (along with a whole bunch of other fellas). Robert is married and George separated from his wife after he retired. It seems his being home while she was still working caused consternation.  George didn’t seem to be crabbing today. He was just visiting and helping Robert.

When I was there (at Noon) Robert had caught five Blue Crabs (they call them Blue Claw Crabs) which apparently meant his wife would welcome him home with open arms. I spent about 30 minutes with them, discussing climate change (they believe in it), politics (they don’t think anything we do makes a damn bit of difference) and we talked about the smart gentleman who bought the power plant from the city of Yonkers for $1 and then sold millions of dollars in shares based on the renovation plans being approved. They were.

George tells me that they are turning the smoke stacks into rooms. If true (I have my doubts) that would be one of the few really amazing things to come out of this renovation.

Let’s take a look at the old plant and then meet Robert and George.

Future Lux Suites?

Future Lux Suites?

Some graffiti is still untouched

Some graffiti is still untouched

Robert (foreground) and George hauling up a trap

Robert (foreground) and George hauling up a trap

Preparing to throw the trap

Preparing to throw the trap

I thought he was going to let me get set before he threw.

I thought he was going to let me get set before he threw.

George talking tornadoes and hurricanes.

George talking tornadoes and hurricanes.

Robert's hands opening the crab holder

Robert’s hands opening the crab holder

Now why are they called blue claws?

Now why are they called blue claws?

George and crab

George and crab