8-30-12 Lockstep

Yesterday was “free walking” through the city, wandering your environment and stepping as you please. Today a slightly different vision…



Travel Theme: Curves (8-28-12 Morningside Heights)

Ailsa’s “Travel Theme” this week is curves. Now when you see the curves of the day some of you are going to say:”Dude, you live in Morningside Heights, where is the travel”…

Well, I had to go several blocks north and east to get these shots. One definition of travel is “to go from place to place”. That I did.

The freshpeople and transfers have hit campus.

This may be my favorite curvy place in all of Manhattan…

6-11-12 Return To the River And The Cardinal Directions

It feels like it has been months since I have been on the Hudson north of 125th Street so I decided to rectify that today. My initial plan was to head up to Inwood and Inwood Hill Park but I realized that I did not have the time and so scaled back and went up to the 158th Street entrance to The Greenway. (click images to enlarge)

I started down the ramp and when I got to the bottom, I looked east

over the Amtrak right-of-way.

I then walked down to the river across the basketball courts and looked north.

It was a bright, mostly sunny day.

Then I pivoted and looked south.

Or was it an overcast day with high UV index?

I strolled south and then took a shot to the west to New Jersey.

As I mentioned in the post of June 9th, we were discussing Cartier-Bresson‘s Decisive Moment.

This was as close as I came today. The legs went in the air, the tugboat cleared the frame, the pigeon flew into the shot, and my finger pushed the shutter.

I continued south until I came to 125th Street where I took the 1 train. While waiting for it to arrive I looked NW back to the river and realized that I had the perfect shot to use as a tribute to Jade Doskow‘s Urban Utopias class that ends tomorrow.  I looked out over Qzymandias’ construction site (or is it Columbia University’s construction site?) I always get the two confused.

5-22-12 Do You Know How Many Cliched Graduation Songs There Are?

I was going to lead with lyrics about college graduation today but lordy they are all over played and have been turned into clichés…

They were taking down the bleachers today from Columbia’s weekend of graduations.

Then I turned around and saw this in front of the Law Library…

It seemed appropriate somehow as we went to see Venus In Fur tonight.



The engine continues to deteriorate

4-12-12 Any Which Way

As with many people here in Blog World I have a number of blogs I read regularly (which reminds me, time to clean up and update my blog roll).  Some are “like” me, some seem to be as far from my world view as you can get, but they all bring me value.

Occasionally it is like the whole world is in sync. Today is one of those days.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing’ left to lose:
Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free.
Feeling good was easy, Lord, when Bobby sang the blues.
Feeling good was good enough for me;
Good enough for me and Bobby McGee.

Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster



4-5-12 “Look A There”

I haven’t got any special religion this morning.  My God is the God of Walkers.  If you walk hard enough, you probably don’t need any other god.  ~Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia, 1977

A few highlights from a walk around Morningside Heights.

I took one look and i was fractured
I tried to walk but i was lame
I tried to talk but i just stuttered
What’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name

Young blood
Young blood
Young blood
I can’t get you out of my mind



Clouds over the Hudson 4-5-11

2-6-12 College Town

We live less than a quarter mile from the main entrances to Columbia University and Barnard College.  An apartment building with the words College Housing on its awning is just across the street.  The 4500 Columbia and 2500 Barnard undergrads (not to mention the innumerable Columbia grad students) keep the nabe feeling in some ways very much like a college town.  Of course, our zip code alone has over 100,000 people so while the students are the largest demographic group they are only 6% of the population (give or take).

For all that we don’t spend a lot of time on the campus.  With Riverside Park 50 yards away and Central Park just a half mile away we do not lack for green space.  So today I thought I would take a walk around the main Columbia Quad and the “old” campus.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

12-29-11 125th Street Station Redux

Katherine and I had ourselves a culture day today. We went to MOMA to see the de Kooning exhibit (200 images). I particularly liked his painting entitled Palisade as it reminded me of shooting the river from the Palisades.

Courtesy artnet.com

After coming home we hung out for a while and then went with Abigail to see “Hugo”.  We all loved it. How often do you get a heartwarming tale about the history of the movies?  Amazing images and a lovely movie.

The day started at the 125th Street Subway Station…

view through a subway station window

The River and The Henry Hudson Parkway

Columbia University Construction