17-06-12 Too Soon

A young woman, a Bay Area photographer I met at a photo workshop, ended her life last week. We spent two days together, at best she was a Facebook acquaintance.
I followed her career, her joys and successes on FB and Instagram. It was clear she had her demons, as do we all, but she was a vibrant and loving soul.  I have been reading the love and pain expressed by her friends (again I emphasize I was a brief acquaintance, whatever pain I feel is the pain we all feel when someone dies too soon. ) Her community is mourning. I can’t imagine how her partner and family feel.

I’m not sure why I am writing this blog except that we need to make sure we celebrate our lives, other’s lives, and try to reach out and help anyone who is suffering and feeling unsure and alone. I guess it is also to suggest that the lives we see on FB etc., are not the whole story, certainly not the true story.

Goodbye MJ. Holding you in the light.


15-10-27 Need A Printer!

Perhaps not exactly what WP is meant for but, hey, social networks work! (I hope)

We are looking to buy a good family home office printer, one that will print decent work prints (8.5×11 is fine, legal or tabloid is a lagniappe). Must have a decent scanner, be wireless (of course) and able to print excellent text and ok graphics. There are too damn many seemingly perfectly decent choices out there so wondering if anyone has something they love. If so, let me know.

12-16-13 Travel Theme: Still (#2)

If you were one of the first adaptors (I believe there were 11 “followers” on March 2, 2011) to The Quotidian Hudson, you will have seen this site and shot before. My apologies.

The death of Peter O’Toole put me in mind of a certain kind of still which is Ailsa’s theme this week. I found this graveyard in Hastings-on-Hudson. I realize that it also fits the Weekly Photo Challenge: community, but I did combined them yesterday.  I will say that this is the only graveyard of its type I have ever seen.

Still - Hastings-on-Hudson0117

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12-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge/Travel Theme: Still Community

The Weekly Photo Challenge is community. Ailsa’s Travel Theme is still. I thought this snowy picture from Hoboken 2/2011 fit the bill(s).

Community - Hoboken0086

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11-7-12 Friends Does Its Bit

Yesterday I participated in The Friends Seminary Meal-A-Thon. The community (students, faculty, staff, administration and families) gathered in the cafeteria to make bag lunches (sandwiches, fruit, desert, drink) for people who are currently homeless on Staten Island due to Sandy.  The energy was intense and great.  Two hours of the afternoon had been set aside but so many people showed up that we filled every bag within about 45 minutes. The scene in these pictures may look a bit chaotic but it wasn’t. It was just filled to the rim with enthusiasm. The community also collected several hundred blankets to donate to a shelter in Chelsea that has light but no heat.

Saturday a number of the parents and High School and Middle School students will be going to Staten Island to set up pop up food stations and help residents clean the debris from their homes and streets.

Then I walked outside to go to my Photoshop class:

5:30PM – 43rd Street and 6th Avenue

Midnight – my street