7-5-11 Maybe It Is Time To Be A Little Less Of A Class Act

Really, what exactly does that get you anymore?

A swell day on the river today.  It was hot and humid so people were out playing and sitting everywhere. Late afternoon picnics, couples spooning and making out in the first heat of love and passion, parents, with infants and toddlers, looking towards the future with hopes and dreams flying, old couples slowly moving down the promenade trailing their past but still together, still supporting each other through it all and facing whatever was left to them together.


Of course, there were also those couples who were arguing, soto voce (or not) and even more painful to see those not talking to each other and it was not one of those companionable silences that are celebrated in song and in writing but the slow burn of hostility and dreams dying.

The Dangling Conversation

But for the most part, it was just folks enjoy a quiet moment on the river before heading back to “their life”…although I firmly believe that most of them realized that this is their life and the rest is only the noise and repetition needed to get to these type of moments.

Me and Juliio