17-01-03 Trans_Lucent Dreams

“Everybody is wrong about everything, just about all the time.” – Chuck Klosterman
“I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.” – Mark Twain

I am always extremely impressed with those definitive people who can say with confidence on January 1st that: “this was my best/favorite work of the past year.”

I seem to always feel: “Well, yes, that is true today but how about next month? Or next week? Or tomorrow? I will have changed by then. So, I expect my opinion will as well.”

Pretty wishy-washy, I guess.

Anyhow, a few of my favorite images made in 2016 from my project “Trans_Lucent”  as of 1/3/17 at 9:00 am…





16-08-08 Cape Cod Morning 07-26-16

Weekly Photo Challenge

Blackfish Creek


16-05-13/14 WPC – Face

The challenge this week is Face.  So many ways to go but…as I write this at 11:29pm on Friday the 13th, this double exposure that I took this morning in South Wellfleet fits the bill. If fits, both because there is a face in it (mine) but also because it fits my mood 18 hours later.

Harlan Ellison wrote a Hugo Award winning short story (1968) called “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”. That brilliant title (and story, read it if you never have) sums up how I am feeling at this moment.



15-08-26 The Crow

The crow on the cradle
The black on the white
Somebody’s baby, is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle
The white on the black
Somebody’s baby is not coming back
Sang the crow on the cradle
Sang the crow on the cradle



15-08-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Creeeeeepy


I have a number of images I regard as much creepier than today’s image but my challenge was to go back through the past 24 hours and see if I had accidentally taken anything that was or could be made creepy.  This is what I can up with.

You be the judge…


Other creepyisms.








8-6-14 69th Anniversary

The sheep’s in the meadow
The cow’s in the corn
Now is the time for a child to be born
You’ll laugh at the moon and you’ll cry for the sun
And if it’s a boy he’ll carry a gun
Sang the crow on the cradle

And if it should be that this baby’s a girl
Never you mind if her hair doesn’t curl
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
A shadow above her wherever she goes
Sang the crow on the cradle

The crow on the cradle
The black on the white
Somebody’s baby is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle
The white on the black
Somebody’s baby is not coming back
Sang the crow on the cradle

Bring me my gun and I’ll shoot
That bird dead
That’s what your mother and
Father once said
A crow on the cradle what can we do
This is the thing I must leave up to you
Sang the crow on the cradle

Sydney Carter


Today is the 69th anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

7-14-11 To Providence And Back

July 9th

I have been trying to get this shot since January 1st but I have not yet managed to shoot what I see. This is closer but it still “is not the vision I had”.

Took Maite and Angel to the train in Providence so they could get back to the city in time for Angel’s Harry Potter party – I think that was what it was… – arrived with 6 minutes to spare.  2 hours later back home and we are down to just us, the family unit. My parents were supposed to come down tomorrow but plans changed.  3 days of us time ahead! Unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets at the local theater for the Midnight Potter so we are going to try tomorrow.

That means we get to watch the World Cup final without interruption!  The USA-France game is going to be hard to surpass but let’s give it a go.

Always have loved this house

Same boats as yesterday but high tide.