10-25-14 Pictures From A Random Mind



No matter your opinion on the issue, this has to be the smartest/cleverest slogan I have seen in a long time.


 The Equalites (the band my cousin Edward is in) played Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton last night. The photos are not good – simply not enough light – but  they deserve the mention. A good tight show.

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8-28-14 Leaving One Reality For Another (Off To College Edition)

So it is a big day here. To celebrate the ch-ch-ch-Changes, I beg your indulgence for this long slide show but how often do you send your only child off to college? Herewith a small piece of one 17-year-old life, starring Abigail Wyatt Alford Johnson with Eva Moskowitz, Caroline Kravitz, Edy Getz, Lilah Weiss, Ari Lapidus, Gracie Remington, Brigitte Seely-Messick, Jennie Nadel, Kailee Breaux and thousands of others.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on running.


1-19-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Family (A Very Different View)

Yesterday I went with a non-literal view of family. (here)

Today I will be a bit more traditional. I showed a version of this portrait back on December 25th but have done a slightly different take on it here. Many people mean family to me but this is one of the two ranking members.

The word means many things to many people. Here are a few other takes:












11-24-12 Up On The Roof

We had some fun in Boston/Newton.

Abigail slept in the attic, aka my old room.  She rummaged through my closet and came home with my old ripped up Korean vintage army jacket and a blue jean jacket. Sadly my leather jacket and buckskin fringe were worn down to the nub and thrown away years ago. There was also a vest she did not take. She kept looking at it in amazement and asking me if I really wore “that”. Of course I did. It’s really too bad none of the shirts survived…

She also raided my album collection and among other wonders came up with “The History of the Grateful Dead Vol 1 (Bear’s Choice), The Warner/Reprise 1969 Songbook and The Warner/Reprise 1969 Record Show. These albums include The Fugs, The Mothers of Invention, Tiny Tim, Van Dyke Parks, Joni Mitchell, etc.

We looked in the attic half of the attic and came up with a treasure trove of pictures of my grandparents and my mother and her sisters as kids and teens.

Her finally request…lower the ladder attached to the ceiling and let’s go up on the roof, which we did about an hour before we headed back to NYC.

10-20-12 Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

For the life of me, I cannot remember if I have used this picture before, but it is one of my favorite pictures of Abigail so if this is a second publication, cut a father a break.  It fits the silhouette challenge nicely, I think.