17-02-02 Groundhog Day – Winter Has Come


15-04-09 Mexico City Day 1 – Palm Sunday Or Was It?

We arrived in Mexico City on Saturday.  Went to the lovely apartment we had rented and settled in…


Had dinner at Azul Condesa (a really good restaurant, if you are ever in Mexico City, check it out. I had the venison steak, known in English as The Enigmatic Black Chichilo.


The next day we went to the Center City to the Metropolitan Cathedral to see how Palm Sunday was celebrated in Mexico City.



The calendar said it was Palm Sunday…the worshipers thought it was palm Sunday but, in the center of the square confusion set in.

Was it Palm Sunday or Day Of The Dead? (Spoiler Alert!)


Turns out the new James Bond movie was shooting in Mexico City and there is a Day Of The Dead chase…