11-19-12 You Say It’s My Birthday

To celebrate my neither here nor there birthday (doesn’t end in a 5 or a 0), Katherine and Abigail took me out to a lovely dinner on Sunday night.  Today, the actual day, I went out to The Rockaways with New York Cares.  They asked me to shoot their volunteers at work.  We spent the day at a disaster relief food distribution center. Because we were short two volunteers I ended up jumping in so didn’t shoot as much as I expected.  We served from 11-4. First sandwiches, 6 juice and 6 boxes of raisins, At 1PM we changed over to a full hot lunch. Over 2000 meals were served.  The people who were running the site asked me not to take pictures of the people being served which seemed reasonable. But I still like a few of the shots.

Team Leaders in conference

5 pallets of water given out in 30 minutes


11-10-12 – PT 2 – Staten Island – Post Sandy/Athena

A few more pictures from yesterday that didn’t quite make the cut but I feel are worth sharing anyway.

People really do their best not to surrender, don’t they?

Thanks for paying attention and doing anything you can to help.