10-7-13 Travel Theme: Height – Lower East Side Edition

Saturday was ICP’s first Boro (Borough) Walk of the fall. We went through the Lower East Side and into Chinatown where Jacob Riis had done much of his landmark work. Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is height. These two photographs do not have much to do with him but I think hit the heights.


Saturday Night Height LES Edition-2845

And here a few other views:

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Travel theme: Height | Processing the life

Travel Theme: Height | Wind Against Current

Travel theme: High | Things I See and Know

Things With Wings | Babsje Heron

Travel theme: Height | My Thoughts like Balloons

Travel Theme: Heights | Wanderlushh

6-1-12 NY Neighbors

“It is better to be a young June-bug than an old bird of paradise”

Mark Twain

By now, you are all pretty well aware, I think, that I love NY.  We are a very diverse community…

The Parking Jerk (Why use one space when two will do)

The Hairless Squirrel



Speed Demons above the river

5-2-12 The People Ride In A Hole In The Ground

Some of you may recall that when I was in Dominica and climbed to The Boiling Lake, I hurt my knee.  Turns out that I have a “severe grade 1 sprain” of the Medial Collateral Ligament…Nothing much to be done but let it heal slowly (8-10 weeks expected) although my doctor did warn me off of long walks and pivoting or cutting motions.  Naturally my adventures with OWS yesterday involved some running, to get ahead of the march, some unintentional cutting, to make sure I didn’t run into or get run over by anyone and some random knee bumping.  It was 55 degrees, rainy and the knee  was hurting today so I traveled by subway.

These are from the 59th Street – Columbus Circle station…

The bottom two shots are of people playing with computerized images of dogs who “fetch” the ball you have “thrown”…



5:00 PM – Sky over The Hudson River from Yonkers

And since this will post on May 3rd – a very happy birthday to Pete Seeger who turns 93 today.

4-3-12 – Back To Normal?

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.  You know how it is with an April day.”
–  Robert Frost

It was that kind of day in NYC. On the sunny side of the street, it was mid spring. On the cloudy side, mid-March.

I saw some odd things today…

some truly odd things…

but, by far this was the weirdest…

“Velvet Ropes” and a bouncer? To get into Ben & Jerry’s?