2-18-13 Ovation Demonstration

First we  will have a moment of quiet contemplation to allow our Downton Abbey friends time to recover.








There – now we can proceed.

On Valentine’s day when I went to shoot One Billion Rising in Columbus Circle I ran smack dab into a small protest/demonstration against TWC (Time Warner Cable) This is an easy company to protest against, believe me. The Time Warner Center takes up the entire western side of Columbus Circle and so Columbus Circle is a logical place to march around.

This particular group was protesting TWC’s decision to drop The Ovation Channel in favor of more sports programming. Ovation is/was the only station on TWC that devoted all of its original programming to the arts. I have no idea if they knew about One Billion Rising staging a flash mob at Columbus Circle but the Ovation protestors got out of the way during the rising and were media savvy enough to get the camera crews on site to shoot them and interview their leaders afterwards.




However, I have to say that my favorite people of this part of my day had nothing to do with either One Billion Rising or Ovation. They were just two folks looking for their lodging…


1-6-13 No Drama Sunday #1

It has been a while since we visited the land of no drama.

Katherine and I slept late,  read the Times, me, old style with paper, newsprint and all, and her, new style with iPad and pixels and such. Then we did our respective things, she went to Meeting and I rousted Abigail and worked on my photography. When Katherine came home we walked across Central Park to the Guggenheim to see “Picasso Black and White”. This is a stunning display of his black and white (with occasional browns) work.

For once the audio tour added something to the exhibit.  His daughter, Maya Widmaier Picasso, tells some extraordinary stories about Picasso, the father, and being a little girl and painting with him in his studio as the Germans patrolled the streets of Paris. The Guggenheim did not allow pictures so as we were leaving I shot their ceiling.

No Drama Sunday #1-2013-1

When we came out of the museum the sunset was extraordinary. Part of this must have to do with suddenly being in the land of colors and part because it was a damn beautiful sunset over the reservoir.

No Drama Sunday #1-2013-2

I have to admit I love the pink streak and I have done nothing to enhance it. Dinner with friends and then “Downton Abbey.”

Even it was no drama.