8-26-14 Glory Days – Bookends

These are perhaps my two favorite photographs of the summer. This is the way they came from the camera. I spent a lot of hours getting these shots. I believe I featured a different version of them earlier this year but I kept returning and finally got what I want.  I will probably work them a bit and may show them again or not.









8-4-14 What A Difference 279 Miles Makes







and tomorrow?


7-24-13 Where I Am Not

Boro Walk

I can’t remember a year in the past 25 where we have gone so far into the summer without visiting Wellfleet even once…This is Blackfish Creek at low tide.

Boro Walk

Highland Light in North Truro. I was trying for an Edward Hopper look here.

3-10-12 6 Hours of Winter (Cape Cod Edition)

So we journeyed to Cape Cod to see Katherine’s mother and woke up this morning to this…

10:50 AM

This was more snow than the three of us had seen since October 29, 2011. Of course, this being the winter of 2011-12…

4:43 PM

My attempt at a Hopper