15-01-18 Sun Showers Bear Mountain State Park

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.

Lewis Hine



1-2-15 New Sparkle

If you see something that looks like a star
And it’s shooting up out of the ground
And your head is spinning from a loud guitar
And you just can’t escape from the sound
Don’t worry too much, it’ll happen to you
We were children once, playing with toys
And the thing that you’re hearing is only the sound of
The low spark of high-heeled boys

Jim Capaldi and Steve Winwood

The weekly challenge is New

The Travel Theme is sparkle

How often have we seen a shot like this ending some apocalyptic movie and heralding the NEW dawn of a SPARKLING bright day on a reborn planet where somehow only the good things and animals/people survived.


Other views of the new sparkle:











11-29-12 A Year Ago Today

“I never considered a difference of opinion, in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Thomas Jefferson

(Thanks to Seasweetie’s Pages for the quote)

6-25-12 The River The Sky The Art

Spring returned with a vengeance today. Windy, wet, and lukewarm. Seemed a good day to go river walking. Great sky, great new river art (about 20 new pieces) and the river, as always, was its disreputably majestic self.

Not often you see both eyes…

Today’s shot brought to you by Hallmark

Facing east


11-29-11 I Receive An Invite to A Cruise

For Me

As I was walking the river today, I passed a very friendly middle-aged gentleman.   He stopped me and asked if I had ever seen such crazy weather: “I mean, man, snow before Halloween and 68 in late November? Everything is backwards! Next thing you know the sun will be rising there,” as he pointed west over Jersey.  I agreed that the weather has been pretty wacked.

Then he asked me about my camera and we talked technology for a bit.  I am no DSLR gear head but it became clear pretty quickly that he was making it up as we went along.  No problem there – he was very entertaining in his rap. Then we talked about making posters out of our pictures and the best places to do that in the nabe.

A gentle spring-like rain was starting and I excused myself as I needed to shoot before the storm actually hit. As we were parting he said that he was going on a Caribbean cruise next week and had an extra ticket which he would give me if I wanted. I replied that as “loverley” as that offer was, I had various responsibilities that would keep me in NYC over the Holiday season but thank you and have a good trip. Then I started walking north.

For Abigail: She loves these "eye of god" shots

Rebekah of colderweather asked me what the grey haired women in the photo yesterday was doing.  Here you go!

Thank you for all the kind responses to yesterday’s post.