Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy (“Modern”)

“The secret of seeing is, then the pearl of great price. If I thought he could teach me to find it and keep it forever I would stagger barefoot across a hundred deserts after any lunatic at all. But although the pearl may be found, it may not be sought. The literature of illumination reveals this above all: although it comes to those who wait for it, it is always, even to the most practiced and adept, a gift and a total surprise. I return from one walk knowing where the killdeer nests in the field by the creek and the hour the laurel blooms. I return from the same walk a day later scarcely knowing my own name. Litanies hum in my ears; my tongue flaps in my mouth. Ailinon, alleluia!”
Annie Dillard


My first attempt: Eye Spy (Traditional)

Other views: WPC

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy (Traditional)

The challenge this week is Eye Spy.

Here are the eyes of Glòria Juan Villegas, a young stand up comic (and acting student) in NYC.



15-07-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

“With affection beaming in one eye and calculation shining out of the other.”

Charles Dickens

Challenge: Close Up

This past weekend I participated in a workshop led by Andrew French on working in a Daylight Studio. My Frida post from yesterday is from that workshop.

This close up is also from there.

Model: Christina Jolie Breza


Other Close Ups: