8-3-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag




Other Zigs and zags:











10-7-13 Travel Theme: Height – Lower East Side Edition

Saturday was ICP’s first Boro (Borough) Walk of the fall. We went through the Lower East Side and into Chinatown where Jacob Riis had done much of his landmark work. Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is height. These two photographs do not have much to do with him but I think hit the heights.


Saturday Night Height LES Edition-2845

And here a few other views:

travel theme: height | simply beautiful…

Travel theme: Height | Processing the life

Travel Theme: Height | Wind Against Current

Travel theme: High | Things I See and Know

Things With Wings | Babsje Heron

Travel theme: Height | My Thoughts like Balloons

Travel Theme: Heights | Wanderlushh

6-8-12 Look Through My Window

Pigeons on the grass alas.
Pigeons on the grass alas.
Short longer grass short longer longer shorter yellow grass. Pigeons
large pigeons on the shorter longer yellow grass alas pigeons on the
If they were not pigeons what were they.
If they were not pigeons on the grass alas what were they. He had
heard of a third and he asked about it it was a magpie in the sky.
If a magpie in the sky on the sky can not cry if the pigeon on the
grass alas can alas and to pass the pigeon on the grass alas and the
magpie in the sky on the sky and to try and to try alas on the
grass alas the pigeon on the grass the pigeon on the grass and alas.
They might be very well they might be very well very well they might
Let Lucy Lily Lily Lucy Lucy let Lucy Lucy Lily Lily Lily Lily
Lily let Lily Lucy Lucy let Lily. Let Lucy Lily.

Gertrude Stein


From  AP

ALBANY, N.Y. — A new federal review of the PCB cleanup of the upper Hudson River provides more evidence that the dredging area should be expanded, environmental groups said Wednesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency this week released a review of the ongoing Superfund cleanup that called the dredging successful. General Electric Co., which released poly-chlorinated biphenyls into the river decades ago, is overseeing a third season of dredging north of Albany.

A coalition of environmentalists said Wednesday the EPA review also acknowledges that PCBs in one stretch of the river will be reduced about half as much as originally expected because some spots with high PCB levels are outside the dredging zone. The EPA said additional dredging would clean up the river faster, but it noted that other state and federal agencies have the authority to address the issue.

The environmental coalition argued that it makes more sense to do the work now.

“Decisions about how to address these higher levels of contamination need to be addressed now as part of this cleanup”, said attorney Lawrence Levine of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The NRDC made the criticism along with Clearwater, Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson.