7-5-14 Fireworks Over New York

We were invited to view the fireworks from our friend’s terrace in Brooklyn.

I hope you enjoy the show. Click on any image…


7-4-13 Country fireworks

4th of July playlist from Anonymous via Abigail.

Born in the USA

Party in the USA


Repeat until guests vomit.


8-8-12 Pyro

Tonight we had a bonfire at Newcombe Hallow. My cousin Edward, his wife Leslie and their daughter Leila and their friends plus our friends, Elizabeth, Lee and their kids, Caroline, her twin, Ben,and their brother Noah. My cousin Edward and I were in charge of the fireworks so tonight’s iPhone pic is by Abigail.


7-4-12 Twitter Fireworks

Why Twitter fireworks?  We chose not to fight the madding crowds down by the harbor and decided to watch from around 96th Street. Great view but a bit far away for the lens thus, to my mind, they resemble tweets. Tiny bits of information…. Nonetheless I liked a few shots. Here are two.

The next is not a very good shot but I don’t care. Fireworks always give me a happy face…

Finally, before the fireworks began, Mother Nature put on her own show which revealed trouble coming to the harbor…

7-4-11 The Police Don’t Like That

We went upstate to visit friends at their country lake house and had a great day. AS we came back into the city, driving along the river (yes I did make it to the river) on the Henry Hudson Parkway we were able to see the fireworks from downtown. I would have liked to stop and shot them but the cops frown on cars stopping in the middle of the road so, I bring you fireworks from 1/13/11 when Cunard had a big celebration down by Battery Park…