10-21-12 Flashback

“These fragments I have shored against my ruins”

T. S. Eliot

I have been doing a lot of work inside Lightroom over the last few days and have not been able to get outside very much.

So I thought I would travel back to summer…


8-26-12 The Return Of No Drama Sunday (Butterfly Edition)

May the odds be ever in your favor

Yesterday was a simple Sunday. Rode the 1 train up to 181st and then walked west, crossed the footbridge, and then down under the GWB to the Little Red Lighthouse and south until I came out on 104th Street and walked home. You know the end of summer is nigh by the intensity of the parties and barbeques happening by the riverside. People want to get the fun in before the Autumn arrives. I did not shoot much of that. I was on a nature walk not a “Sunday Morning Coming Down” tour – great song by the by. So, I invite you to walk with me…(warning …it was a long walk)

Got home and had a deep, serious conversation with Katherine and then we all watched The Hunger Games (see quote at beginning). After that K and I watched the final episode of The Newsroom. (life ain’t like that…)

4-6-12 River Friday

I received a very nice note from the young lady in the photograph of the anti-circumcision teach-in.  You can read it here.  I do love feedback.

I find that I am going to the river just about every Friday. It is a good way for me to end the week.  Will it keep up? Who knows but for now it really helps turn the drama of the week off and settle my mind. The walk through Riverside Park helps as well.

Can any of my horticulturally inclined readers identify this for me?

New River Art

This gentleman is responsible for some of the river art but his is usually found pieces not the constructed ones like the picture above.